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Boy hugs transformer

8 Embarrassing Things You’ll Do In Your Teen Years And Likely Regret Later

BY Tony Ali ON August 01,2014 IN features

You know how we all have embarrassing photos or moments from our past that we wish we could erase...

Human Body

EXPLAINED: The 3 Bizarre Things Your Body Does

BY Folksy Tony ON August 01,2014 IN Amazing Facts

#3. Why Do Your Fingers Prune When You Take a Bath? Everyone knows how to tell when bath time is...

North/South Pole

8 Lies You Learned As A Child And Probably Still Believe Today

BY Folksy Tony ON August 01,2014 IN Amazing Facts

Turns out you might need to repeat kindergarten: Some of the most basic things you learned your...

Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus: 5 preventive measures to protect yourself from the incurable, deadly disease

BY Folksy Tony ON August 01,2014 IN health

The news over the past couple of weeks in Nigeria has all been about the Ebola Virus and the...

Secondary School Students

Cool Tips for Teachers, Parents: How to make learning irresistible to teenagers

BY Folksy Tony ON August 01,2014 IN Education

Failure is a positive act of creativity. Scientists, artists, engineers, and even entrepreneurs...

Boy's arm cut off by a tiger

VIDEO: Horrific moment boy, 11, had his hand torn off by a tiger at a zoo after his father let him climb over safety barrier

BY Folksy Tony ON August 01,2014 IN news

A boy's hand was ripped off by a tiger after he climbed into a restricted area and stroked the...


Facebook launches app to bring free internet to users

BY Folksy Tony ON August 01,2014 IN technology

Facebook's quest to bring internet access to the entire planet has seen the company launch a new...

Stephen Keshi

I want to continue as Super Eagles coach - Stephen Keshi

BY Folksy Tony ON August 01,2014 IN sports

Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi, has expressed his desire to extend his contract with...

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