12 Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Best Friend

Best friends are people with whom you share the strongest possible kind of friendship. Best Friends are very special people in your life. They are the first people you think about when you make plans. They are the first people you go to when you’re on your lowest ebb. Your bestie is the […]

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10 Amazing Animal Facts (Beetle)

Over 300,000 species of beetles live on the earth and over 12,000 beetles live in the Africa. Beetles have a hard shell and four wings. Some beetles cause a lot of damage by eating crops, wood and food. Others help us by pollinating crops or eating harmful insects.

Fast Facts about Beetles

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13 Things Only Teens With Overprotective Parents Will Understand

There are three categories of parents: The ones who really don’t care that much. Setting rules is not in their dictionary. The ones who set rules but still let you use your discretion sometimes. And then, the over-protective kind of parents.

Overprotective parents are always trying so hard to do the right […]

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8 Things You Need To Stop Worrying About As A Teenager

You’ve probably been told that worrying too much can lead to physical problems, and can affect appetite, lifestyle habits, relationships, sleep and work performance. The demands and pressures we experience everyday are enough to stress us out. And that’s pretty enough to deal with. So why add to the list?

Seriously, you […]

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Photo of The Day: This one is very funny but so true

Before now, parents would overly query their children for getting bad grades. But these days, all the blames seem to have been shifted to the teachers. Is this right?

We’d be glad to read your comments

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7 Brainteasers To Test How Smart You’re

Test your mental acuity, answer the following questions. Send your response in the comments.

1. Ade’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name?

2. Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?

3. How much dirt is there […]

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Grammar Clinic: Letter Writing (Formal Letter)

Formal Letter

A formal letter is an official letter that is written for official reasons only, unlike an informal letter,  a formal letter does not allow for pleasantries, it is strict and it goes straight to the point. Examples of formal letters are, letter to your service provider to make a compliant […]

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Girl Talk: Why everything is wrong with Mini Skirts, Hot Pants

As parents, educators, and volunteers who work with youth, we probably think that today’s youth live in a complex world—one that may prove to be more challenging than when we were teenagers. Teens may be especially confused and misinformed by media-based myths about sexuality and sex role behaviours. It is not uncommon to […]

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Classwork Series (Physics – SS1): Particle Nature of Matter

Structure of matter

A. Evidence of the particle nature of matter

The idea that matter is made up of minute particles called atoms dates back to the ancient Greeks. According to the Greek philosopher Democritus, a given piece of substance, say a piece of yam, can be cut into smaller and […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises (Biology – SS1): Micro-Organisms In Action

Micro-Organisms in Action


Growth of micro-organisms, like all living things, do increase in size and multiply in number of cells using either the culture medium provided or any suitable surface such as moist bread as source of food. Micro-organisms can also increase in mass. Such an increase in size, […]

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