Language Structure & Reading Skills: Surveying, Skimming and Scanning

English Language JSS2 First Term

Week 8


Language Structure

Reading Skills: Surveying, Skimming and Scanning.

Language Structure

1. Talking about Possibility

Read this dialogue:

Driver:           Don’t touch him! He may be suffering from an infectious disease!
Passenger 1:  In that case we […]

EMAIL ETIQUETTE: Tips for Successful Electronic Letter Writing

You must have studied in school how to write letters, whether formal or informal. But in this age, most letters are not written with ink on paper, but electronically. It is not unusual nowadays to submit your essays, resumes, application letters, class presentations and assignments, and all such matters using your email address.

Fruits and Vegetables Are Healthy, But You May Be Eating Them Wrongly!

Nutritional guidelines recommend the consumption of at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day for good health. Five portions mentioned here is not the target you should aim for, but the least amount that you eat.

In that case, you may wonder if your daily diet of eating 5 apples, […]

3 Toasty Tips To Prepare Students For Returning Back To School

In another month and few weeks, the grind of daily school routine will begin again. You know, the waking up early, eating quickly enough so you don’t get to school late, rush hour traffic (if you have to take the bus or train), arriving school on time to avoid punishment, and all the […]

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Classwork Series and Exercise {Financial Accounting – SS2}: Bad debt and Provision for bad debt

Financial Accounting, SS 2, Week 4

Topic: Bad debt and Provision for bad debt


Meaning of bad debt
Causes of bad debt
Provision for bad debt
Bad debt recovery

Meaning of bad debt

In business, traders allow credit facilities to their customers where by traders will be the […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology – S3}: Nervous Co-ordination

Week: 5

Topic: Nervous Co-ordination


The behavior of an animal in its environment to maintain itself depends on the coordination of its organ systems. Without co-ordination of various organ systems, various physiological processes would work in a haphazard way, without linking […]

Who Was Genghis Khan? And Why Is He Called the Greatest Military Commander Ever?

Genghis Khan lived between 1162 and 1227, and was a leader of the Mongols. He rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history, which reached as far as Poland, Vietnam, Syria and Korea. At their peak, the Mongols controlled an area about the size of Africa.

Though many […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Economics – SS1}: Changes in Quantity Demanded

Economics, SS1, Week 7

Topic: Changes in Quantity Demanded. 

For previous not on “Demand” see:


Factors affecting demand
Change in quantity demanded
Abnormal demand
Causes of abnormal demand

A change in demand is when the whole curve shifts and a change in quantity demanded is movement along the demand […]

Agriculture – SS2: Common Weeds Found In Farms


Weed is any plant that grows in a place where it is not expected to grow or plant which grows out of place.A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, “a plant in the wrong place”

Common Name: Spear grass

Botanical Name: Heteropogoncontorous

Family: Poaceae

Habitat: They grow on poor soil as well as soil with high acidity.

Description of Characteristics:

They […]

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