Quiz of The Day: Can you solve this Fruit Maths Equation?

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology – SS2}: Aquatic Habitat

What is Aquatic Habitat?

Aquatic habitat is a body of water in which certain organisms live naturally. In other words, aquatic habitats are habitats or places that relates to lives in water. Organisms that live in water are called aquatic organisms. Examples of aquatic organisms are fish, crabs, toads, plants etc.

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Physics – SS2}: Optical Instruments



Perhaps the simplest optical instrument is the lens magnifier. Without optical aid, we cannot “see” things close up. The eye will simply not focus closer than about 0.25 m (unless you are nearsighted!). But an object places just inside the focal point of a converging lens will produce […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology- SS2}: The Cell and Its Environment

The Cell and Its Environment

Diffusion is defined as the process by which molecules or ions of a substance (i.e. liquid and gases) move from a region of high concentration to a region of […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education- SS3}: Political Apathy

Political Apathy

The word apathy was formed from the ancient Greek word apathies, which means lack of feelings – it is an attitude.

Political apathy can be defined as lack of interest in political activities; it is a state of non participation of citizens in the political process of their community, […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises (Commerce – SS1): Documents Used In Foreign Trade

Export and Import Documents lie at the heart of all international trade transactions. They provide exporters and importers with an accounting record; shipping and logistics companies with instructions of what to do with freight information; and banks with instructions and accounting tools for collecting payments.

For an international trade to succeed and […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises (Civic Education – JSS2): Arms of Government

Definition of Government

Government has been described as an agency established by the political community to promote the general welfare of the people. It is also defined as an instrument through which the purpose of the state is controlled. A government makes decisions for a country, state, etc.’

Arms of Government

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Classwork Series and Exercises (Civic Education – SS1): Cultism

Definition of Cultism

Cultism can also be called secret cult; it can be defined as an enclosed organized association devoted to the same cause. Members of this group always commit themselves to oath and allegiance  which serve as their strong bond.

Cultism is a form of organization whose activities are not only exclusively […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology–SS2}: Respiratory System

Respiratory System


Respiration is defined as a biochemical activity of the cell in which glucose is broken down by a series of reactions controlled by enzymes to release energy.

Your respiratory system is made up of the organs in your body that help you to breathe. Respiration means Breathing. […]

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6 Surprising Foods That Make You Sleepy

We’ve all eaten a big meal and then felt exhausted afterwards, but what about the times that you thought you were eating something good for you and still got tired? Turns out there are some foods we wouldn’t normally think of that can cause us to feel fatigued. In this great article published […]

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