APPLY NOW For the 2016 NNPC/Chevron Art Competition For Nigerian Secondary Schools

Brief Description:

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/Chevron Joint Venture in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education invites entries for National Art Competition for Children 2016.

About the Award:

The National Art Competition is an annual arts competition with each edition driven by pertinent themes in line with current social issues. 

The Nigerian […]

Are You Cheap or Frugal? These Points Will Help Answer Your Question

Are you that boy or that girl who would wait a few months after the release of a new product before buying because you are hoping for a reduction in price? Or the one who will bargain until the seller gets angry? Perhaps you do extensive research online, read customers’ reviews, and compare […]

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With These Tips, You and What You Offer Will Be Unforgettable

A poet once said “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Hence, to be on people’s minds and be unforgettable, you must become part of what they consider valuable, and make them feel same way.

Don’t be […]

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Solar System Tour (Planet Saturn)

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the most distant that can be seen with the naked eye. It is best known for its fabulous ring system that was discovered in 1610 by the astronomer Galileo Galilei.

Facts about Planet Saturn

1. Saturn is the farthest planet from Earth visible […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, Just How Big Do You Think They Are?

Every one who ever attended nursery school knows the rhyme, part of which was quoted in the headline. And looking to the night sky, you observe those twinkly stars and wonder if they are really that small or if they just appear so. But what are the facts?

In our voyage, we […]

The Functions Of The Central Bank

A Central Bank or Reserve bank is an institution that manages a state’s currency, money supply and interest rates. A Central possesses the monopoly to increase the amount of money in the nation and also prints the national currency – the nation’s legal tender. The major function of the central bank is to […]

Remarkable People, Places and Events – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It all started with a dream, like it always does. A dream for change and a dream for better tomorrow. Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist and a leader in the civil rights movement of USA. He was also a member of the clergy. He is known for the non-violent ways in […]



Alkanols (or alcohols) are a homologous series of organic compounds with the general formula CnH2n+1OH or simply ROH. Their molecules consist of a functional group — the hydroxyl group (—OH) joined to an alkyl group (R—). They can be used to fuel cars as they are flammable. Unlike alkanes, alkenes and […]

9 Tips To Help You Pass Your Examinations.

Most students are usually scared of the examination period in their schools especially those ones who are not particularly brilliant. Here are some tips to help you get better results at the end of this term.

Preparation – Proper planning prevents poor performance.
Take notes as you read – This helps you better understand what […]

Brain Teaser: What Number Goes In the Last Triangle?

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