Too much time indoors damages your eyes, study reveals

Climbing trees and spending hours playing outside used to be part of every childhood. But today’s youngsters are more likely to be stuck indoors – and it may be harming their eyesight.

And it is not just because of the time spent sitting in front of a screen. For a lack of […]

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The Real Reasons Students Get Bored In Class And The Way Out

Are you often bored in class and cannot wait for school to be over? Are the subjects too hard, the classes too crowded or the teachers too uncaring?

Why Are You Bored?

This first step usually involves asking why you feel this way. Four of the main reasons students complain of being bored […]

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Classwork Exercise and Series (Government-SS3): Local Government Administration

Government, SS 3 Week: 3

Topic: Local Government Administration

The evolution of local government system in Nigeria could be traceable to the Great Britain municipalities’ form of local government. This system which was introduced in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, etc had similar responsibilities with that obtainable in Britain. This is a […]

EXPLAINED: How Bees Make Honey

Without honeybees, what would you drizzle upon your creamy Greek yogurt? What would so perfectly complement your crispy toast, if not honey butter?

We can’t be certain. Check out the video from 2minutesof.. above to see how buzzing bees produce this sticky delight.

Identification of Ceramics, Plastics and Rubber

Basic Technology, JSS 1, Week: 9

Topic:Identification of Ceramics, Plastics and Rubber



Many kitchens and household containers are made from clay and cement. These include cooking pots, water pots, etc. Clay and mud are also used in some places to make houses. The items made clay […]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Biology-SS1): Teenage Pregnancy

Biology, SS 1, Week: 7

Topic: Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in human females under the age of 20 at the time that the pregnancy ends. A pregnancy can take place in a pubertal female before marriage, which signals the possibility of fertility, but usually occurs after marriage

Classwork Exercise and Series (Basic Science-JSS2): AIR POLLUTION

Week 3

Topic: Air Pollution

Meaning of Air Pollution

Air pollution is the process of making air unsuitable for breathing by both plants and animals.

Air-borne solids that pollute the air include, dust released by industrial process, lead dust e.g. lead (II) bromide is released from the exhaust pipes […]

Brain Teaser: Can You Prove This Is a Lie?

Jack found some money between the pages of a book, but Jill knows it’s a lie. How does she know?

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7 Things That Will Make Others Take You Seriously And Earn Their Respect

Do you ever feel like nobody takes you seriously? Could it be something you are doing or not doing right? Below are seven things you can do to increase your credibility, get people to take you more seriously and ensure you get treated with the respect you deserve.

1. Don’t Make Your Statements Sound Like Questions

Classwork Exercise and Series (Civic Education-SS1): Importance Of Constituted Authority

 Importance of Constituted Authority.

The importance of constituted authority cannot be overemphasize. Some of the points below are the importance of constituted authority:

protection of citizens: The government ensures that all the citizens are protected from both internal and external danger. They ensure all citizens are free from terrorism.
Development of the society: Constituted […]