The ABC of Investing and Successful Financial Life

Over the past few months, we have been talking about money and savings. Yet these are not all there is to being smart about one’s finances, there’s also investing.

While it is true that as a young person you may not have much money at your disposal, but the fact which […]

Why This Financial Expert Says Parents Should Teach Their Children the Value of Work

In one of the letters that financial adviser, Dave Ramsey, who writes a column on deseret news about finance and financial literacy received from readers; he explains why teens need to learn the connection between work and money, and why they need to learn this lesson from their parents.

See the letter.

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Brain Teaser: It Will Literally Crack Your Brain!

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Apply for The Science Without Borders Challenge for Primary/Secondary School Students 2017

About the Award: 

The theme for the 2017 Science without Borders Challenge is “Reef SuperSpecies.”

For this year’s Challenge, use your imagination to create a piece of art that illustrates a made-up Reef SuperSpecies. A Reef SuperSpecies is an organism (plant or animal) that has found a way to adapt to a deadly […]

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Students! How You Can Enjoy Your Next Holiday

Students are getting jittery that their examinations are drawing near, and on the other end, they are getting excited that they would soon observe their holidays. As much as I wish you success in your examinations, I intend to prepare you for your next holiday such that you can enjoy it to the […]

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How Students Can Effectively Revise For Their Examination

Students can exercise their body, like someone once said that, Physical activity is very important, in particular during intense study time. Even going for a small 30-minute jog after a day of revision will make a huge difference to your wellbeing. Physical activity increases heart rate which makes the blood circulate […]

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Students! How You Can Write an Interesting Essay

Select a good topic.

The process of selecting a topic for an essay may be made very easy if you have been given the topic to write about, it means your topic has been selected for you. A typical example is the usual essay contest we post on our website, the topics must have been […]

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Find Out About 5 Steps with Which a Student Can Deal With Stress  

Plan your day

Any student that fails to plan is planning to fail and that’s why you need to have a daily plan and beyond that a good plan for your life. If you think you are planning well and you cram your activities in your head, you are really joking; you would stress […]

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So Tell Me, Why Do Oceans Appear Blue?

Several people have described the colour of the ocean just as it appears to them – James Joyce called it green, Lord Byron averred it was dark blue, and to Homer, it appeared wine red.

But is the colour of the seas subject to individual opinion? Or is there a scientific explanation […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Chemistry – SS2}: Preferential Discharge of Ions during Electrolysis

Chemistry SS 3 Week: 7

Topic: Preferential Discharge of Ions during Electrolysis

There are certain factors that affect the discharge of electrons at electrodes.

Factors Affecting the Preferential Discharge of Ions in Electrolysis

The position of ion in electrochemical series. […]

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