Classwork Exercise and Series (Mathematics-SS2): Geometric Progression And Mean

Geometric Series

You can take the sum of a finite number of terms of a geometric sequence. And, for reasons you’ll study in calculus, you can take the sum of an infinite geometric sequence, but only in the special circumstance that the common ratio r is between –1 and 1; that is, you have to have | r | < […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Chemistry- SS1}: Particulate Nature of Matter


Matter is defined as anything that occupies space and has mass. The particles of matter could be atoms, molecules or ions.


The ancient Greeks were the first to use the word atom, which means indivisible. An atom is defined as the smallest particle of an element which can […]

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10 Amazing Animal Facts (Jackal)

The jackal is a medium sized member of the dog family, originally found in Africa, Asia and southeast Europe.   There are three species of jackals: Golden jackal, Side-striped jackal and Black-backed jackal. They differ in the size, colour of the fur and type of habitat.

Fast Facts about Jackals

1. Jackals […]

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Brain Teaser For The Smarties: How Many Triangles Can You See?

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Business Studies- JSS1}: An Office


Definition Of  An Office

An office is a room in an organisation set aside for clerical activities. The office is the centre of all the clerical activities of the organisation. The principal’s office is an example of an […]

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Don’t be a loner: 5 tips to help you overcome shyness

Everyone gets shy from time to time, but if your shyness is affecting your relationship with people or it’s making your friends think you are hostile or proud, then you really need to work on overcoming it! Here are 5 tips that will help you get control of shyness.

1.  Get to Like Yourself

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Commerce- SS1}: Career Opportunities in Commerce

 Career Opportunities In Commerce & Requirement For Various Career

There are various career opportunities available for people in the job market. This topic will provide useful information for commercial school certificate holders, degree holders about the various opportunities in the public, private and teaching sector.

Career Opportunities In the Public […]

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Important tips for maintaining your privacy online

Enter your personal information only on websites that are secure: This will help keep sensitive information safe; […]

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35 Awesome Facts About Africa

Africa is the most populous and only black continent. There are lots of known and interesting information but there are much more unknown facts about Africa that are worth mentioning. Here are 35 facts about the black continent.

1. The Gambia has only one university.
2. Equatorial Guinea is Africa’s only spanish speaking […]

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Classwork Series and Exercise (Geography- SS3): Hydro Electric Power projects In Africa

Definition of Hydro Electric Power (H.E.P)

It is defined as the generation of electric power (electricity) from water. This is achieved through the damming of rivers and the use of river water to turn device turbines leading to the generation of electricity.

A dam is an extensive area occupied by water trapped on a river course

Factors […]

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