Teens! Take note of Some of the Most Misused Words and Phrases

Would you believe that there are certain words and phrases, about fifty eight (58) of them that are constantly misused every day by so many people the world over? Well believe that! Now just in case you’ve been guilty of misusing some of these words, this post will help you realize your errors […]

How Are You Using These English Words, ENVELOP and ENVELOPE?

How are you using and pronouncing these words? Do you think they mean the same thing, or that one is British and the other American? Hold your answers just yet, as this article seeks to envelop you in the right answers. First with the….


Envelop is a verb meaning cover, enclose, or wrap up […]

Classwork Series and Exercise (English – JSS3): Effective Writing Rules

English Language 


Grammar: Active and Passive Verbs

Effective Writing Rules

Grammar: Active and Passive Verbs


A verb is a word or more than one word that is used to express an action or a state of being. Every sentence must have a verb. This makes […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {English–SS1}: Commonly Misspelled Words and Idioms

A. Commonly Misspelled Words

Here are some of the reasons people misspell words.


Mispronunciation is known to be one of the most common causes of misspelling. Hence, phonetic misspelling is common, once a word is mispronounced; for example, the word “realize” may be misspelled as “relize”.

Typing errors

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See Why Parenting Is Not a Popularity Contest

“A judge, when sentencing a man for robbery, asked if he had anything to say. The man replied, “Yes, your honor. Please sentence my parents to jail also.” The judge asked, “Why?” The prisoner answered, “When I was a little boy, I stole a pencil from school. My parents knew about it but […]

How Teens Can Learn to Plan Their Future

Where there is no vision, the people perish. A man without vision ends up in commotion. In short, have a mission and a goal for your academics and life.

Set a target that at this age I should be through with my academics, then I proceed to the labor market!

When […]

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CIAPS Public Interest Essay Competition 2016

The CIAPS Public Interest Essay themed “Nigerian Recession: Diagnosis & Prognosis” which has a total of one million naira (N1million) Prize is opened to Students, Graduates, Professionals, Academics and all Stakeholders with interest in and understanding of the Nigerian economy.

Application Deadline: 12am 29th November 2016

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

To be taken at (country): Nigeria

Teens: Learn to Read Effectively (2)

Flexibility increases the readers’ potential to vary his speed of reading to meet either his purpose in reading or to fit the difficulty in reading material. The following reading rates are quite relevant to our discussion.

 Skimming rate: This is extremely fast reading. This involves a quick survey of a passage or […]

Teens: You Can Develop The Skill of Writing!

Writing is a means of expressing one’s thoughts. Writing is also aimed at giving out information and impacting one’s readers. Writing could be hard especially when you strive for excellence. It’s hard to be rejected by magazines, journal, newspapers or agents. But it’s worth it especially when you hear that something you wrote […]


I personally dread book reviewing; this is because it involves a description, critical analysis and evaluation on the quality, meaning and significance of a book. It does not mean retelling the book, it is neither a book report nor summary but it focuses on the book’s purpose, content and authority.

Reviewing a […]