Two Students of the Ambassadors College emerge Winners of the Cowbellpedia Math Quiz!

Two Students of the Ambassadors College, Ota in Ogun State of Nigeria has emerged winners of the 2016 edition of the Cowbellpedia Mathematics Television Quiz Show. The Students are Juliet Ekoko and Ayooluwa Oguntade and they won in both the junior and senior categories respectively.

Oguntade who is currently the Head Boy […]

Teens! Learn from Thomas Edison’s Efficient Scheduling Method

We all have at most twenty four hours in a day. And most often, we complain about the time not being enough. Indeed, time is never enough; for several reasons. But if you learn how to effectively manage the little time you have on your hands, you might as well be able to […]

Teens! Take note of Some of the Most Misused Words and Phrases

Would you believe that there are certain words and phrases, about fifty eight (58) of them that are constantly misused every day by so many people the world over? Well believe that! Now just in case you’ve been guilty of misusing some of these words, this post will help you realize your errors […]

5 Holiday Jobs a Teen Can Do to Make Money

Blogging & Other Online Jobs: Every teen can enjoy their holiday and make money by getting involved in blogging. Like noted, Online jobs for teens that are good at writing include producing articles that you could sell to online businesses or you could even create your very own blog.

If you […]

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Home Economics {JSS1}: The Hands and Feet

Home Economics JSS1

Week 7



The Hands and Feet

Care of the Feet

Types of Shoes


Hands, fingers, nails and feet are exposed just as much as your face. These parts are seen by other people more than some other parts […]

5 Benefits Of Having Good Grades That You Should Definitely Know About

What are the benefits of getting good grades? Would you say the benefits are just limited to being able to get into a good higher institution, and get a good job afterward? Or are there more than has been listed?

Consider these five benefits of getting good grades, even as you are […]

The Mystery Taxi That Takes You Not Where You Want To Go, But Where You Need To Go

The rain was coming down fast and hard with fists of watery fury on the family size umbrella that shielded Bella and her father, but even this was not enough to protect them. Gusty winds sprayed them with rainwater from the sides, even as the umbrella was under constant threat of being yanked […]

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3 Challenges Teens Can Relate With


A harbinger of bad omen is what I term distraction as but a determined individual can break it jinx. Distraction is a thing that takes your heart off what you are thinking or what you are doing.

There are a whole lot of distractions poking their ways into the […]

Teens: Learn About the Power of Determination

I am determined to be successful has been a phrase easier said than done. Determination needs practical step and not ordinary confession like some do today.

In determination, when distraction cuts in, it is cut off. Determination kills distraction, determination brings focus to life; you need to keep your eyes on that […]

What Teens Need To Know About Motivation

Motivation-It is the motive for an action.

According to Napoleon Hill,

“Motivation is that which induces action or determines choice, it is the hope or other fire which starts and returns in an attempt to produce specified results, and therefore hope is the magic ingredient in motivating yourself and others! 

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