Teens! Learn from Thomas Edison’s Efficient Scheduling Method

We all have at most twenty four hours in a day. And most often, we complain about the time not being enough. Indeed, time is never enough; for several reasons. But if you learn how to effectively manage the little time you have on your hands, you might as well be able to […]

Top New Year Resolutions every Secondary School Student must imbibe

As we all know, 2017 began barely two weeks ago. So we are still very much gripped by the New Year euphoria. And the good thing about every New Year is that it is a good time to reflect on the choices we’ve made in the past, make corrections to them and then […]

Here are what happens when Teenagers are Bored

Teenagers tend to struggle with a lot of things each time they are overwhelmed with boredom. They struggle to stay motivated and might even lose sight of their goals in the process of that struggle. Little wonder teens who are bored always neglect their school work, extracurricular activities and household chores. Bored teenagers […]

Teens! Take note of Some of the Most Misused Words and Phrases

Would you believe that there are certain words and phrases, about fifty eight (58) of them that are constantly misused every day by so many people the world over? Well believe that! Now just in case you’ve been guilty of misusing some of these words, this post will help you realize your errors […]

CIAPS Public Interest Essay Competition 2016

The CIAPS Public Interest Essay themed “Nigerian Recession: Diagnosis & Prognosis” which has a total of one million naira (N1million) Prize is opened to Students, Graduates, Professionals, Academics and all Stakeholders with interest in and understanding of the Nigerian economy.

Application Deadline: 12am 29th November 2016

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

To be taken at (country): Nigeria

Teens: Learn How To Read Effectively

Reading comprehension is defined as the level of understanding of writing.

In literature, reading skills is one of the major aspects which is very important as it is among the four language skills {listening, speaking, reading (subject) and writing)

Reading is very important, since it enables readers to turn writing into […]

Teens: You Can Develop The Skill of Writing!

Writing is a means of expressing one’s thoughts. Writing is also aimed at giving out information and impacting one’s readers. Writing could be hard especially when you strive for excellence. It’s hard to be rejected by magazines, journal, newspapers or agents. But it’s worth it especially when you hear that something you wrote […]

Teens: Learn From The Campus Experience of a Student (2)

On January 8, 2000, I resumed to campus from my long holiday as a sophomore hanging precariously on a 2.5 G.P.A and poised for failure on the slightest un-seriousness. I no longer had passion or zest for my study let alone other academic related issues. A life of profligacy and prodigality had eaten […]

Teens: Learn the Distinctions between These Words (2)

Accept Vs. Except

One of the most common mistakes in English is to confuse accept and except. Accept is a verb, which means to agree to take something: I accept that I should have applied for the job earlier”. Except is a preposition or conjunction, which means not including: “I get up […]

30 Fun, Amazing Facts About Wildlife

Without plants and animals, our life would be impossible. Think about it for a moment. The food we eat comes from plants. Plants produce food by pollination, an activity carried out by bats and birds, bees and butterflies.

Today is a very historic day as the whole world come together to celebrate […]

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