Non Compos Mentis (Adjective)

Not of sound mind

Example: The judge gave the man a lighter sentence because his lawyer was able to prove he was non compos mentis when he committed the crime.

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Adroit (Adjective)

Having or showing great skill or cleverness

Example: Kole is really adroit at handling children. You need to see how well he manages them, and how much they love him.

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Quell (Verb)

(1) to stop or end by force; (2) to quiet, calm, or pacify

Example: (2) After a particularly bad nightmare, Didi’s parents would allow her sleep in their bed in a bid to quell her fears.

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Rebuff (Verb)

To refuse (something, such as an offer or suggestion) in a sharp or rude way

Example: She rebuffed his offer to come to the party with him as his date, because she wasn’t down for that just yet.

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Naive (Adjective)

(1) showing lack of experience or knowledge; (2) being simple and sincere

Example: She was naive enough to put faith in all his lying words. I guess she never heard the advice to “trust, but verify.”

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Scintillating (Adjective)

Very clever, stimulating, amusing, and interesting

Example: I love to read about the lives of people who conquered all odds to be successful in life. I can’t help but find it scintillating!

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Wallop (Verb)

(1) to hit (someone or something) very hard;  (2) to beat by a wide margin

Example: (2) I am sure Manchester United fans couldn’t believe their eyes, watching helplessly on Sunday, as their team was walloped 4-nil by Chelsea.

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Grotesque (Adjective)

(1) very strange or ugly in a way that is not normal or natural; (2) extremely different from what is expected or usual

Example: The baby started to cry the instant he saw the grotesque face of the masquerade, seeing that it was different from what he knew.

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Primp (Verb)

To try to make yourself more attractive by making small changes to your clothes, hair, etc., especially while looking at yourself in a mirror

Example: Spend some time with Esther, and you can predict what she will do just before leaving the house – she spends this time primping!

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Cavalier (Adjective)

(1) having or showing no concern for a serious or important matter; (2) easy and lighthearted in manner

Example:(1) Show some respect! This is no time for making cavalier jokes about death, his mum just died!!

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