Little or nothing was known about Mavin Records’s Di’ja until the hit song “Dorobucci” which was dropped in 2014. Hadiza Salma Blell, better known by her stage name Di’Ja, is a Sierra Leonean-Nigerian singer, visual artist, fashion designer and songwriter. She is currently signed to Mavin Records.

10 Interesting Facts about Dija

1. Dija was born on the 14th of August.

2. Di’Ja has lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada. Her mother is from Northern Nigeria and her father is from Sierra Leone.

3. At a young age, Di’Ja committed herself to academia and earned a double degree in Biology and Psychology.

4. After earning the aforementioned degrees, Di’Ja became passionate about music, art and philosophy

5. Her stage name, Di’ja is a combination of Hadiza and Khadijah.

6. Her music career started in 2008. In 2012, Di’Ja released several singles including “Dan’Iska (Rudebwoy)”, “Hold On (Ba Damuwa)” and “How Can We Be Friends”

7. On February 14, 2014, Don Jazzy announced the addition of Di’Ja to Mavin Records. Her first official single under Mavin Records was also released on February 14, 2014. The song, which is titled “Yaro”, is an up-tempo celebration of love and commitment against all odds. It infuses Hausa and Krio dialects in honour of her Nigerian and Sierra Leonean roots

8.  She is multi-talented judging from her varied interests in song writing, recording, fashion designing and visual arts.

9. The fro you see on her took 4 years to get that big. The last time she had relaxer on was 4 years back.

10. Dija loves to draw and she draws so well.  She is responsible for most of the drawings you see in the music video for Awwwwww.