The biggest thing that makes having a crush so complicated is all of the confusing emotions that you’re constantly feeling. How are you supposed to know if s/he likes you back or not?! Sometimes, even if s/he says s/he likes you, it can still be hard to tell if s/he really does or if s/he’s just trying to play you.

Here at Passnownow, we’re constantly getting questions from you guys asking how to know if your crush likes you back. Well, I don’t know your crushes personally, but I do know that there are some telltale signs anyone will put off if s/he’s into you. If your crush does a lot of this stuff, then guess what? S/He’s probably just as into you as you are to him/her!

1. S/He always texts you back. And if s/he doesn’t for a little while, then s/he says sorry and explains why.

2. You randomly catch him/her staring at you happily and when you do, s/he gets embarrassed.

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3. S/He goes out of his/her way to make sure you’re happy. S/He does what you want to do and will cancel plans with other people sometimes to see you.

4. S/He respects you and isn’t trying to rush you into anything.

5. S/He asks you questions about your life. If s/he’s genuinely interested in getting to know you, s/he’ll want to talk about you more than just him/herself.

6. S/He actually calls you. In this age of texting and online messaging, if your crush actually picks up a phone to call you… take that as a good sign.

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7. S/He’s always smiling and laughing every time S/he’s around you. This shows S/he’s happy!

8. For a girl, he does other things to impress you, like casually mention he does something really cool. Or maybe he shows off a little. It’s cute!

9. If s/he has to cancel plans, s/he apologises, explains why and makes new plans with you.

10. You just kinda know. Sometimes, you can’t help but notice the sparks.

I’d love to read from you. Have you got any question? Or did I miss any point? Use the comments please.