I think honesty is the key to making relationships work. However, there are some things guys lie about all the time, for one reason or another. Usually, they lie about these stuff in an effort to spare girls’ feelings or because they’re embarrassed. And of course, girls are also guilty of some stuff as well.

So girls, what are most of the dudes you know most likely lying about? Just read on to find out. And if you don’t believe me, ask them yourselves. They may try to put up a front, but trust me: most of them are going back to their guy friends and laughing about it. Here are 5 lies guys will probably always tell. Next time a dude tries to pull one of these lines on you, you’ll thank me.

I Wasn’t Checking Her Out
Yes he was. Guys look at other girls all the time just like girls look at other guys all the time. It’s human nature. We all do it.

We Can Talk About This Later
This is what a guy says when he really doesn’t want to talk about this anymore, ever, and he’s hoping you’ll forget about it and never bring it up again. He more than likely has no intention of ever speaking of this again.

Yeah, I Love That Outfit.
Honestly, he probably doesn’t care what you’re wearing. He just wants to go to wherever it is you’re supposed to go. He doesn’t want to give his opinion about this. Also, even if an outfit is unflattering on you, very few guys would be stupid enough to say that. He wants to make you happy and, honestly, he probably thinks you look good just the way you are.

Of Course I Don’t Think Any Of Your Friends Are Cute!
Remember how I said guys check out other girls? Yeah, those girls probably include your friends. I guarantee that you have at least one friend your boyfriend thinks is cute. As long as he doesn’t act on that, it’s fine. Just leave it. We’re humans, we find other humans attractive.

I Will NEVER Tell My Friends About Sex Stuff
Hint: The best bet is not to have sex with him if you don’t want any other person to know about it. I mean, let’s be real here. He obviously shouldn’t be giving them a play-by-play, but he will almost probably say at least one thing about your sex life to them.

Dudes tell us if you’re innocent of these points. Girls, let’s know those funny lies your boyfriend keeps telling you.