It’s quite easy for someone to tell you “I Love You” since talk is cheap. It would be better if they showed it in action, after all that popular maxim says action speaks louder than words, and isn’t it true!

You shouldn’t have to wonder if their intentions are noble, or if their avowals of love are faithful; not if they support such with the way they treat you, and make you feel. That’s how you separate mere words spoken with the lips, to true ones that are felt in the heart.

Consider these 7, and tell me what you think.

1. They Make Time for You

We all have lots of things going on. But here’s the harsh reality: Someone who is truly interested in you will find an endless number of reasons why they must see you. Someone who is just playing around—or confused about their own feelings—will find an endless number of excuses why they just don’t have the time.

2. They Treat You as Valuable

Someone who cares about you will go the extra mile to show you through actions… not just words. And they will keep showing you long after the dating phase of your relationship is over. They pay attention to the things that matter to you, value the things you do, and give as much as they receive if not more.

3. They Don’t Allow Too Much Time Pass Without Seeing You

They definitely have their own life and their own individuality, but they want spend time with you. And in a long distance relationship, they will carve out time to talk or chat, as well as planning on how to be with you as both your schedules allow.

4. They Support What is Important to You

Someone who loves you cares about things you are passionate about. They encourage you to do things you love, even if it means you are doing those things and activities without them. They want you to spend time with family and friends, and then truly enjoy hearing you recount your activities. They encourage you to find and embrace activities that bring out your talents and your passions—and they aren’t threatened by the time you spend away from them, or any/all success you achieve while doing it.

5. They Want People to Know

They might not want full-on PDAs (Public Displays of Affection), but hand-holding and affection is effortless. They are grateful and proud that you are in their life, and want others to know about you. You have met their family and friends, and they never miss an opportunity to introduce you as theirs.

6. They Consider You in Their Decisions

When making plans or decisions, they consider your wants and needs, and make sure your feelings are considered. Even if they aren’t around you, they are thinking of you—maybe sending you little text messages. They make a consistent effort to stay in-contact throughout the day (as circumstances allow).

7. They Give You Their Honesty

They follow-through on what they say, and will tell you honestly and openly if they can’t. They are open about their past, and they accept yours without judgement. When issues come up, they are willing to work through them. They recognize that they aren’t perfect, and they don’t expect you to be, either.

And this is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s just a beginning – the cherry on the cake!