Most of the time, relationships are really great – it’s nice to have someone in your life who supports and loves you. But when relationships are not great, they can be pretty… um… awful. So awful that they can actually ruin everything else about your life… and that is not okay, in any way, shape or form.

Here are 8 signs your relationship is ruining your life, so you can stop it before it goes too far.

When You’re Not With Him/Her, You’re Sad, Angry or Stressed

A big sign that your relationship is ruining your life is that it’s affecting your mood and personality even when you’re not with the person. If you’re an anxious mess every time s/he’s not around, get rid of him/her! There are obviously more important things to you as a teenager than getting your mind saturated with someone who probably is not even thinking of you.

You Always Sacrifice What You Want For Him/Her, S/He Doesn’t Do The Same

It’s fine to sacrifice some things for your boy/girlfriend – in fact, it can be kind of necessary. But it’s not okay when you’re the one sacrificing everything, while s/he continues to do whatever s/he wants.

You Guys Fight More Than You Don’t Fight

Fighting happens in every single relationship out there. But that doesn’t mean it should be happening all the time! Unless they’re going through a particular rough patch, couples shouldn’t have big fights once every week. If you’re constantly having huge fights with your boyfriend that always end in “we’re breaking up” (although it never happens), that’s not good. Why be in a relationship where you’re fighting more than you’re getting along?

You Never Talk To Or Hang Out With Your Friends Anymore

It’s fine to spend a lot of time with your BF/GF, but it’s not okay to completely ditch your friends for this person. If S/he doesn’t like you hanging with your buddies, that’s controlling and not something you should have to put up with. Something needs to change.

He Has Ruined Important Milestones For You

My friend’s boyfriend manages to ruin everything that makes her happy that doesn’t directly involve him. During her graduation party, he got mad and made a scene because she said hi to another guy (seriously). On her birthday last year, they got into a huge fight over something small and insignificant and she ended up not even going out. He does this stuff ALL the time. If this happens to you, it’s not acceptable. Your boy/girlfriend should be happy for you during big, important things in your life. S/He should respect you enough to let you enjoy milestones.

You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

That same lady I referred to earlier completely changed after she started dating this guy. She went from being outgoing, funny and bubbly to being quiet, mean and introverted. But whenever they break up, she goes back to being happy and outgoing – then they get back together and she goes back to being miserable. I can tell she doesn’t feel like herself when they’re together and it’s really sad. Don’t date a guy/girl who doesn’t encourage you to be better and to be YOU.

You Always Feel Like You Need To Change Or Improve

The person you’re dating should love you for who you are. They should be constantly trying to change you or “improve” you. It’s so mean when don’t see yourself as good enough. Don’t ever let your boy/girlfriend make you feel that way.

You’re Afraid To Do Anything Because He Might Get Mad

My friend is very hesitant to go out and do things without her boyfriend. If she DOES go out, she refuses to be in any pictures because she keeps it a secret from him. It’s so ridiculous. Your boyfriend should never control your life in this way. If you ever feel scared to do or say something because of how he’ll react, get out of there.