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8 Things That Will Make Boys Fall For You

Are you one of those who sigh and say “Oh, boys who can understand them?” They talk about computer games, sports and all those other things you simply don’t care to understand. But boys care about other things too; like how girls perceive them, their looks and appearance, and a desire to display their strength. They also like to be complemented, and noticed.

Here are some things that will totally blow a boy’s mind.

1. Give Him A Reason To Display His Strength: ‘Can You Help Me With This, Please?’

Haven’t you noticed how boys are usually willing to show their strengths in behalf of a girl, especially if she’s one they fancy? So, make him feel needed by asking him to help lift that really heavy desk in a sweet voice, and with a bright smile to go with.

2. Make His Day With a Sincere: ‘You Make Me Feel Safe.’

This is another great boost to his macho ego. Boys like to be protective and to feel that they can look after a girl, so telling him that you feel safe with him will make his day.

3. Boost His Confidence With: ‘Other Girls Think You Are Cool.’

This is a confidence booster for a guy, but it also tells him that you care enough to notice that another girl is checking him out. Don’t do it too often though, or it may lose it’s appeal factor.

4. Give Him Credit And Notice His Fashion Efforts With: ‘I Love The Way You Dress.’

Some boys aren’t exactly fashion conscious, but they do make an effort sometimes, and they like that to be noticed. Give him credit when he’s spotting that really cool hair cut, or a pair of sneakers that’s on ‘fleek.’

5. Please Him With a Simple: ‘You Always Know How To Cheer Me Up.’

If boys know that they can make you laugh, even when you feel down, they will be really pleased.

6. Motivate Him With: ‘Have You Been Working Out?’

Boys are a lot like girls too, they have their own insecurities. Does it seem like his ‘guns’ have grown since the last time you noticed it? Mention it, and watch his head grow to ceiling level.

7. Stroke His Ego With: ‘I Don’t Know How I’d Manage Without You.’

Remember how he helped you with the really heavy desk earlier? Telling him this will make him even more eager the next time around.

8. Let Him Know That He Is Approved By Your Friends With: ‘My Friends Think You’re Great!’

He will be relieved that he has the stamp of approval from your friends. Knowing that your friends approve him will make him feel more secure and, even better..

What other things do boys like to hear? Do you have some other tips? Let’s hear them.

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