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How does Passnownow work?

How does Passnownow work?

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  • I subscribed a daily plan but not yet activated why?

    • Hello Juliet,
      Hope you’re having a great delay, we apologize for the delay and hope your subscription has been sorted already.
      Thank you for using Passnownow.

  • Pls I subscribed to daily plan… And not yet activated…. Will is still expire tomorrow?

    • Hi Ebenezer, we are glad to have you here on passnownow, please note that your subscription has been activated and you have access to our materials now.
      Thank you!

  • my name is not on the leaderboard and my scores are high

    • Hi Sarah,
      Glad to have you here with us, please note that the leaderboard changes monthly and is not a reflection of your total scores. So keep putting in the work and your name will come up.
      Thank you.

  • Foyinsayemi posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hello passnownow, I subscribed in the morning and I’m Yet to have access to class notes. Please help!

    • Hello Foyinsayemi, we hope you’re having a great day, I expect you have had access and there’s no longer any issue. Please contact us if you are still having any challenges.
      Thank you.

  • Susan Olawoye posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Passnownow is the best.
    I can studie more Math and CRS.

    • Hello Susan,
      Yes we are and yes you can study Math and CRS and a lot of other subjects. Glad to have you on here and remember that we are here to help.

  • Ogechi chimezie posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Hello please, i subscribed now and am yet to have access to any note.please attend to this urgently as any time lost can not be regained

    • Hello Ogechi,
      We are glad to have you here with us, your subscription has been activated and access to the materials has been granted.
      Thank you.

    • Hello. I have paid for subscription since yesterday but my account hasn’t been activated yet. Time wasted cannot be regained. Please look into this anomaly ASAP. Thanks


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Answer: No please, is a site that upholds integrity and firmly stands against all forms of examination malpractice; we do not provide answers to current examinations. Although, you can make use of our notes, practice exercises and past questions to prepare for examinations beforehand.
Answer: Yes please, as soon as your account is activated, your plan becomes active and it would expire once the plan’s timeline elapses.
Answer: You do not need to log in every time you need access if you’re using the same device, however, you will be required to log in again into your account if you happen to be using a different device. You can only access from your account with only one device at once.
Answer: No please, you and your friend can not be logged in at the same time with the same log in details on different devices. You and your friends can however schedule the access and log in after each other or buy separate plans for easy access.

Answer: If you pay using Paystack with your ATM Card, you’ll be able to start using the Website immediately as your Account will be activated at once but if you pay using Paystack Bank Transfer or Bank Deposit/Transfer, it may take about 4hrs before you can access your Notes because we have to first receive the Payment Alert from the Bank (and consider the networks issues with different banks before our Technical Staff activate your Account from our Back Office for you.

Please also note that you have to be fully registered on for you to be able to use it at all. Even if you have paid via Bank Transfer and you are not registered, you will not be able to access the contents/lessons on the site.

Answer: For now, your child/ward’s examination results cannot be sent to you. Although we are working on this, at the moment, you can log into your child/ward’s account using their login details to see their activities on the website and monitor their progress.
Answer: Once you make payment for a plan on, you will be given full access to all the contents and notes available on, till your plan elapses.
Answer: No Please. All your children need to have separate accounts, buy different plans and log in separately on their devices to have access to the available content on
Answer: No please, this feature is not yet available on but plans are underway to introduce Video Lessons so we hope to make this happen soon since our lifelong goal to make educational content affordable, accessible and available here in Nigeria.
Answer: The notes are reviewed and the exercises are changed as often as is required and they are duly created to suit the educational requirements of the approved syllabus provided by the Nigerian Ministry of Education.
Answer: Yes please, all our educational content on are created in compliance with Government Approved Curriculum and syllabus.
Answer: Yes please, if you volunteer to teach on, you will receive a one-time Certificate of Recognition.
Answer: On, every registered user is allowed to view the first class note in each class for all subjects for FREE as a means of trial before payment is required.
Answer: The mobile app is currently being built and will be released soon.
Answer: All our Classwork Notes have practice Exercises and they can be used to prepare for your mock exams and mid-term assessments in Secondary School.
Answer: Yes please, along with all the classwork notes, you would be granted access to JAMB/WAEC past questions and answers as soon as you register and buy a plan.

No Please, you can’t. This is strictly an ONLINE learning and content development platform. Like other progressive countries, Nigeria’s Education must go beyond Classrooms, Chalk and Blackboard. We must grow long with the rest of the world.

Our Lifelong dream is to use disruptive innovation to lead a movement of Personalized Learning and distribute Quality Education Content for students and teachers across Nigeria.

By this, we hope to be able to raise enrollment numbers and increase the pass rates in exams for under served Students while also working to improve Instructional Practice by training and empowering Teachers.

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Olayinka zino sulaimon

I really enjoyed this website because it helps me alot...thank passnownow the best website in the world....up passnownow

Lovelyn from Delta

What can I say. Passnownow assisted me greatly in preparing for my just concluded JAMB Examination. Thank you passnownow.

Eruvwavwe Precious

Let me start by thanking you for creating the Passnownow website, which is meant to help students academically. It really helped me when I was preparing for my WAEC, NECO and JAMB examinations (I made all examinations.)


This is an awesome site. Great work guys; I love it! As a Physics teacher, I must admit that I have learnt a lot on I am so proud of the Passnownow Team.

Mercy from Aba

I wrote JAMB twice and failed each time. And then I came across and used it consistently to prepare for my third JAMB attempt which I passed in flying colours. Thank you, Passnownow.

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