is a revolutionary Mobile Learning Platform that has digitized Nigeria’s High School Curriculum for the first time ever as an open source available for Teachers, Parents and Students all over the Country. It houses all subjects contained in the Nigerian Secondary School Syllabus from JSS1 to SS3 following the daily sequential order with which they are taught in School such that students can read ahead of Classes and in special circumstances where Teachers either do not attend Class, skip teaching certain subjects in the Syllabus or public schools are short-staffed and do not have a Teacher for a subject, the student misses nothing.  In addition, the E-Learning portal provides past questions and answers on University entry level Exams such as WAEC and JAMB, teaches Grammar Tips using new words, short sentences, antonyms, synonyms etc. and connects Parents and Lesson Teachers for extra home tutoring.

Given that the web and mobile are contributing in no small way to education, embodies an online study platform that provides secondary school students with upbeat, on-the-go solutions to all subjects in the simplest ways, and more than that, equip them with an awareness of the larger world.

With over 50,000+ Syllabus and Curriculum based Subject focused content, hundreds of thousands of Registered Users, students, parents and teachers have been subscribing en masse and taking advantage of the content available on Students have access to Classwork Notes (JSS1 – SSS3) along with practice questions to test their knowledge after reading/studying on the site, Exam Past Questions for WAEC and JAMB to revise and prepare, a chat room to meet other students with similar goals and challenges to share ideas and knowledge, provision for lesson teachers on request and other value adding features or as low as N100. It’s interesting to note that Teachers even use notes from to teach in Class given the shortage of supply and the lack of the financial wherewithal for many of them to purchase quality textbooks.

Core Objectives

  • To foster and engender the pursuit of academic excellence amongst young Nigerians
  • To improve the success rate of students in university entrance examinations in Nigeria
  • To promote a useful learning and knowledge seeking culture in young Nigerians
  • To provide an online knowledge resource destination for young Nigerians to interact and cross fertilise ideas
  • To create a platform for young people between 10 and 20 to express their creativity and ingenuity
  • To help users become astute citizens of the world; aware of its history, beauty and challenges and their role in shaping it for the best

Expected Outcomes

  • An increase in the success rate of students at university entrance examinations in Nigeria
  • A more responsible, employable, innovative, creatively inclined, and empathetic youth population
  • Focused, progressive and knowledge based interaction among young people
  • Compliance with international standards and style of learning for young people who are in need of assistance with their studies


  • is easy to use.
  • It is a fun and trendy integrated learning platform.
  • It provides flexible learning experience for users.
  • We have tailor-made interactive content to meet the social and educational development needs of young people.
  • It is user-friendly, encourages critical thinking and is timely, given the current trend of regression in Nigeria’s education system.