is an online learning and social platform that grafts technological innovations into education with the resulting aim to teach, engage, entertain and empower young people growing from their teens into early adulthood.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge…,” for the simple reason that imagination embraces all that we will ever know or understand, and together with its twin, creativity have been identified as a potential tool for progress in our world.

It is in this regard that we believe that education should focus not only on making information robots of students, but on developing their creative potential even as they learn, but also question; accept, then probe, always seeking to make that which is just good much better, keeping in mind that education that tolerates ignorance or intellectual censorship is no education at all.

Our aim is to set young people up for excellent results in standardised tests, foster real-time useful learning, engender discussions as a lifelong habit, and restore the lost glory of Nigerian education.

We realise that in developed countries, instructional radio, internet intervention and interactive television have helped their education system make much gains fast, and in this vein, have employed this 3 prong approach in ensuring that we attain the goal of improving the quality of education and interactions among Nigerian youths.

Given that the web and mobile are contributing in no small way to education, thus embodies an online study platform that provides secondary school students with upbeat, on-the-go solutions to all subjects in the simplest ways, and more than that, equip them with an awareness of the larger world.

 Our intention is to gainfully engage users in the most excellent conditions using fun and interactive methods and tools with which they can learn effectively.

Core Objectives

  • To foster and engender the pursuit of academic excellence amongst young Nigerians
  • To improve the success rate of students in university entrance examinations in Nigeria
  • To promote a useful learning and knowledge seeking culture in young Nigerians
  • To provide an online knowledge resource destination for young Nigerians to interact and cross fertilise ideas
  • To create a platform for young people between 10 and 20 to express their creativity and ingenuity
  • To help users become astute citizens of the world; aware of its history, beauty and challenges and their role in shaping it for the best

Expected Outcomes

  • An increase in the success rate of students at university entrance examinations in Nigeria
  • A more responsible, employable, innovative, creatively inclined, and empathetic youth population
  • Focused, progressive and knowledge based interaction among young people
  • Compliance with international standards and style of learning for young people who are in need of assistance with their studies


  • PassNowNow is free for all users {online}
  • It is a fun and trendy integrated learning platform
  • It provides flexible learning experience for users
  • Easy accessibility via radio, internet and TV, as studies by UNESCO and other international institutions show that these are the familiar channels of interaction for our target audience
  • Entertaining, news-worthy content and illustrations to sustain the interest of a young and vibrant audience
  • Tailor made interactive content to meet the social and educational development needs of young people
  • It is user-friendly, encourages critical thinking and is timely, given the current trend of regression in Nigeria’s education system