If you are a teen, you must have had encounters with fellow teens on social media. Do you often find yourself asking whenever a girl favorites your Instagram, does this mean she likes me? Are you a girl who have often wondered to herself, if he puts me up as his profile picture, does that mean we are in a relationship?

As teen dating culture becomes more hookup-based, the stages of a relationship have become even more complicated. Here are some basic words to help you become more informed, and clear up any confusion you may have.

Just talking
The two people involved have some romantic connection, but both still identify as single. Most of their communication occurs via text, and many people around them are not aware the two are together. “Just talking” can also mean the two people are in a “hooking up” relationship but are reluctant to admit it. This type of relationship can suddenly come to an end before progressing to something more serious.

“A thing”
This is best identified as the pre-dating stage. When two people are “a thing”, they’re neither single nor officially dating. They’re usually texting or talking on the phone frequently and may have gone out together a few times. Most people around them are aware that the two are somewhat together.

Hooking up
Hooking up means there is little possibility for a future romantic relationship. This type of connection is purely physical (involving sex) and can consist of a few isolated instances, or a more long-term arrangement. Many teens who meet on Tinder or other dating apps end up in this stage. Have you ever been on Tinder?

This is the final and most serious stage of a teenage relationship. Couples who identify as dating often plan to be with each other for a longer amount of time and don’t have any other romantic interests outside of the relationship.

These are the main categories in the vocabulary of teenage dating. Do you fall into any of these categories? Are you also involved in digital dating without knowing? Stick around as we bring you more information on what to watch out for, and how to measure how far your social interactions have gone.