A teenager in Colorado, US, allegedly stabbed her mother 79 times in the face and neck after emailing her “you will pay”.

Isabella Yun-Mi Guzman, 18, had allegedly also spat in her mother’s face the day she attacked her in the bathroom of their Aurora home last week, ABC7 News Denver reports.
The teen’s stepfather said his wife was attacked before she showered in their upstairs bathroom.

Ryan Hoy said he heard a commotion and ran upstairs but his step-daughter managed to shut and lock the bathroom door. Mr Hoy then saw blood seeping from under the bathroom door and ran to call 911, according to police documents.

During the call Mr Hoy heard his wife say “Jehovah”.

He said later the bathroom door opened and Isabella walked out, knife in hand, did not say a word to him and went downstairs.

Mr Hoy found his wife naked and covered in blood with her throat slashed. She was pronounced dead at the scene.