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Behold Emmanuella And Her Naughty Ways!

She is young, naughty and hilarious. And one important thing- she doesn’t have a real face o! That’s right; we’re talking about Emmanuella, the little girl whose brand of qwerky comedy took Nigeria and indeed the world by storm. It’s been just a year and a half since a clip showing little Emmanuella and her mischievous ways first surfaced unto our phone screens. Today, she is one of the most recognizable Nigerian celebrities despite being so young! Somebody do tell; how does she do it?!

  Certain things you should know about Emmanuella- her real name is Emmanuel Samuel and she is the niece of fellow comedian Mark Angel. Emmanuella is only six years old, born July 22nd in 2010. She reportedly started comedy long before she even started Primary School after being discovered by her own uncle- Mark Angel. Emmanuella is still in Primary School, attending Perfect International School in Port Harcourt where she also lives.


Many people love this little girl, from the old to the young. She makes us laugh out loud every time we See her clips or watch her performing live. Maybe it’s something about her unique style of comedy, her carefree ways and her generally naughty jokes that can’t stop us from laughing so hard. Whatever the case, we love Emmanuella the comedienne. We can only wish she keeps being funny even as she continues to grow old.

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