Most guys will say boxers of course, briefs are for kids! Some who are more adventurous will say “Add boxer briefs into the mix!”, and those who are most adventurous will say “Give me the briefs, and you can have the rest!!”

But should it really matter? Aren’t they just underwear?  If you will be patient to read on, your perspective might just change in an instant.


The temperature of the testes is the key issue: In order for testes to produce sufficient quality and quantity of sperm, the temperature of testes must be lower than the core body temperature.

That is why

[testes] are located outside of the body. Testes were made to be out in the breeze.

Also, testes can overheat when a guy wears brief underwear. If the testes are too hot — several degrees above where they should be — they are not able to produce sufficient sperm, resulting in low sperm count. Just be aware, it takes 10 to 11 weeks for sperm to be produced, and any action that damages sperm will affect them for the next 10 to 11 weeks.

For this reason, it is suggested that guys wear boxer shorts because it offers the wearer greater movement of air, which keeps the temperature lower. But even boxers have their disadvantage too, like when you wear tighter trousers over a pair of boxers – they bunch together – you well know that uncomfortable feeling, as you try to adjust it through your jeans pocket hoping no one notices what you are doing! It could be so frustrating!!

So, come in please, Mr Briefs.


Boxers may have won the “medical” case, but they are yet advantages to wearing other types of underwear. Take briefs as an example, they cover all the important stuff (your backside and frontside), but leave the thighs uncovered. This minimal fabric means absolutely no bunching under tighter fitting trousers – like you get with boxers – and total versatility (meaning you can move more freely, thank God!).

Briefs also tend to come in three rises: high, medium, and low; this way you get to choose ones that are not too tight for your body size.

Boxer Briefs

It appears to be a compromise between boxers and briefs as it combines elements from both. These guys cover up to half the thigh, which helps protect from chafing against coarse materials (like the raw denim material used in making articles like jeans). Often, boxer-briefs come in a mid-rise fit, which means they arrive at just above the hip bones. They provide the same support as a brief, and also offer complete coverage in the front and back.

They are also built for comfort, and are not as tight as you may think.

True, briefs and boxer briefs do not offer the breeze that the testes need but which boxers provide. Since you are not planning to have a child in the next 10-11 weeks, you can vary your underwear styles and enjoy the benefits that each has to offer. Like wearing briefs or boxer briefs underneath tighter trousers, and reserving boxers for looser trousers.

Well, except you swear off wearing skinnies and slim fit – otherwise, you may just continue the war with you boxers when it rolls together into a ball underneath those skinnies.