Attributing the fame of MAVIN songstress Tiwa Savage to her vocal and dance skills alone would be a bit out of place but mention her well toned body and you are right on point. Surprisingly, the same body for which she is now tagged sexy, was a source of worry to her as a young child.

In a message she wrote recently on Instagram to celebrate her mother’s birthday, she detailed the challenges she faced while growing up in the UK.

According to her, she was constantly bullied for being skinny and black, a situation she said caused her to take certain drastic measures, ‘During my high school days I was bullied for several years, I would get jumped on the bus, head flushed down the toilet and so on, it got so bad that I did something drastic and life threatening because I was so depressed…I was bullied for being African, skinny, dark and I had a strong naija accent’ she wrote.

She however praised her mother for helping her pull through the difficult period. She wrote,

‘My mother was called to school on several occasions and each time she came she would ask to see the other students bullying me and would always pray for us all. Of course they would joke and laugh but my mother was always so calm and reserved and she would take me home, cook me Naija food (we were living in london at the time) and she would make me realize how loved I was and how rich my culture is, how beautiful I am being a Nigerian girl’