Hi Admin,

I’m a 19yr old who is into relationship with this guy, he is about 22yrs old. I love him so much and he loves me too. Sometimes, he likes to touch me and I allow him but of late, I stopped and he suddenly changed. Though he loves me but he wants more than touching, he wants to go further, he’s kinda pressuring me, he wants SEX. He is promising me a lot but I’m scared, I really love him and I don’t want to lose him what can I do. Advise me please, my relationship is already at stake.

Hi Dear,

Frankly I had like to say that, first and foremost, you shouldn’t have allowed him to touch you. Yes you were enjoying but then you should have said NO from the beginning.

No one has a right to pressure you into having sex with them, I repeat No One. Sex is not a measure of true love. And as for the promises, they are empty. When he is done having sex with you, I assure you that he’s gonna dump you soon and go look for another girl to have sex with.Why should he pressure you into having sex, If he loves you like he  claims, He ought to respect your wish of not wanting to have sex and allow you be.

Are you not scared of the dangers of sex, Sexually Transmitted Diseases are everywhere. What about if you get pregnant, will your friends or parents be happy? Is he gonna take responsibility for the child and be a Father? He is merely a kid like you, how is he gonna father a child? Have you thought about your future or education? Any pregnancy now could terminate your chances of furthering your education.

Think about the consequences of your actions. Do not allow any guy mess up your future all in the name of Love. Love does not pressure or force anyone to do what they are not ready for. Take your stand and say no to him. If he wants to leave you, LET HIM GO.

I am sure you will get someone else, who will respect your decisions about sex. Leaving him might be painful but do not lower your standards because of SEX. Your integrity and principles matter a lot and your stand as regards sex also matters. Pain of heart break will heal, but the emotional trauma of  being pressured into sex might not heal on time. You might think about this situation later in future and regret it if you accept to do his bidding.

Think about it.

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