Do you need Career Counselling for your Teenage/Secondary School Child or Ward?

Worried about your child/ward choosing the right course to study in the University or Polytechnic? Or even deciding what Career Path to choose for the future. Always wondered which university will be the best fit for him/her or what sort of work will make them globally aligned with the future of work in this 4th Industrial Revolution Era?

Book a phone conversation or physical appointment with our Career and Education Counsellors to help you through this difficult decision as you watch your child/children live their Dreams. We will provide your children/wards with vital information and guidance on all they need to know about the options available to them and help them make the best decisions based on their qualifications and career goals.

Our Educational and Career Support Services

  • Career Advisory: We’ll guide your child/ward on the best courses and career direction that is best suited for his/her personality trait by conducting detailed analysis of their grades and co-curricular interests, get to know what they enjoy doing, the kind of work they feel they’ll be most productive doing and more importantly, their plans and interests after secondary school. The information gathered will be used to help us make an informed decision on the Courses and Career Path that is best suited for the person in question.
  • TTertiary Institution Advisory: Based on intended course of study, secondary school results, WAEC/Jamb/SAT/TOEFL Scores, willingness to travel far, parent’s income and financial capacity, current location and some other criteria, we will help our students decide the best universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education best suited for the courses they intend to study.

Pricing Packages
We have 3 options:

  1. 60 minutes telephone interactive discussion with our Expert – N5,000
  2. 60 minutes Whatsapp conversation – N5,000
  3. Face to Face counselling at The Rise Labs – N5,000

*If you have any questions you intend to ask, you can write them down and our counsellors will answer them.