Geography, SS 3, Week 3

Topic: Lumbering


  1. Definition of Lumbering
  2. Favourable factors for lumbering
  3. Methods of lumbering
  4. Economic Importance of lumbering
  5. Problems and solution of lumbering

Definition of Lumbering: It is  defined as the felling of economic trees in the forest, which can be used in domestic, industrial or commerce purpose.

Favourable factors for Lumbering

  1. The presence of dense tropical forest provides ready sources of valuable timber
  2. Presence of many economic trees
  3. Presence of wide market for timber products within the country
  4. High demand for hardwood in foreign counties
  5. High demand of timber as fuel
  6. Efficient saw mill industries to process the raw timber

Economic Importance of Lumbering

  1. Lumbering provides foreign exchange through the export of timber to overseas countries
  2. Lumbering provides employment for people who are involved in lumbering and related activities
  3. Lumbering provides raw materials like timber for timber processing industries
  4. Timber is used for the construction of canoe and boats
  5. Timber serves as a source of income to government by licenses and permits given to the timber construction
  6. Trees in the forest helps to control soil erosion as well as serving as wind breaks

Problems of Lumbering

  1. Exploitation of timber causes soil erosion
  2. It leads to the depletion of natural forests product
  3. It results in the high cost of transporting forest products
  4. It results in the leaching of soil
  5. Deforestation can cause flooding
  6. There is problem in high cost of foreign goods
  7. It also leads to the disappearance of wild life

Solutions to Lumbering

  1. Roads should be constructed round lumbering areas for easy transportation of logs
  2. Bush fallowing should be discouraged
  3. Bush burning should be discouraged
  4. Forest guards should be employed to check illegal felling and ensure planting of new trees
  5. Afforestation that is the policy of planting of two trees in an area where one tree is cut should be encouraged
  6. Re – Afforestation; that is the practice of clearing the bush of bad tree and planning valuable ones to replace them should also be encouraged

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