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JSS1 1st Term

Classwork Series And Exercises {Civic Education – JSS1}:Citizenship

JSS 1 Civic Education First Term week 5 Topic: Citizenship Content- Meaning of Citizenship                  Meaning of Citizen                  Types of Citizenship                  Process of becoming citizen of a country Citizenship can be defined as [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Computer Science – JSS1}: History Of Computer

Computer Science,JSS 1,Week 2 Topic: History Of Computer Before the invention of computer, counting of figures was done with finger, and also the use of toe. Then later on man shifted to the use of stones. The stones often became problem sometimes, then another means were cropped up until mechanic and electronic devices were discovered. [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Mathematics – JS1}: Development of Number System

JSS 1 FIRST TERM MATHEMATICS WEEK 1 Topic: Development of Number Systems It is most likely that mathematics began when people started to count and measure. Counting and measuring are part of everyday life. Nearly every language in the world contains words for numbers and measures. People have always used their fingers to help them [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises: Social Studies – JSS1 {Social Organization}

JSS 1 Social Studies First Term Week 5 Topic: Social Organization Content-                Types of Social Group                The Primary Groups                Characteristics of the Primary Group.                 The Family as a Primary Group Types of the major social groups are: The Primary Group The Secondary Group THE PRIMARY [...]

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