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JSS2 1st Term

Identification of Ceramics, Plastics and Rubber

Basic Technology, JSS 1, Week: 9 Topic:Identification of Ceramics, Plastics and Rubber Contents Ceramics Plastics Ruber Many kitchens and household containers are made from clay and cement. These include cooking pots, water pots, etc. Clay and mud are also used in some places to make houses. The items made clay and mud are called ceramics. [...]

Language Structure & Reading Skills: Surveying, Skimming and Scanning

English Language JSS2 First Term Week 8 Contents: Language Structure Reading Skills: Surveying, Skimming and Scanning. Language Structure 1. Talking about Possibility Read this dialogue: Driver:           Don't touch him! He may be suffering from an infectious disease! Passenger 1:  In that case we may be stuck here for hours! Passenger 2:  Or [...]

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