These Tips will Help you Boost your Brain Power

The brain does a lot of thing, including helping you to learn new things. Ever imagined how miserable life would be if your brain were to permanently fail to assimilate all those new information that is thrust at you every day at school? Indeed, life would be horrible! But do you know that […]

Here are the Reasons why some Students Study hard and still Fail

We hate to admit this, but quite a number of students learn their books and still fail their exams. These students do all the necessary things- plotting their timetables, sticking to said timetables and doing all the assignments and homework given them. Yet they fail!  This makes one wonder what could be responsible […]

Library 101: Introduction to some of the basic Rules to effective Library Use

Ideally speaking, every student’s favourite place should be the library. However, I must admit that this is usually not the case. That not withstanding, there are quite a number of students make out time to visit the library on a daily. This is a good thing, even though not all of them are […]

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These simple Maths Tricks will Make you Love the Subject!

It is no news that many students hate Mathematics. We don’t blame them; Maths can actually be very difficult. But what if we told you that there are some simple tricks that will help you solve those mathematical problems easily and maybe even make you fall in love with the subject? Certainly! Now […]

Financial Literacy: Useful Money Concepts for Teens

Financially literacy is undoubtedly necessary for overall success in life.  It in in this light that  it is important for teenagers learn about financial skills and actually use such skills. Parents must endeavour to teach their children these skills, while teachers reinforce the knowledge by incorporating financial literacy in their classroom talks. In […]

Reasons why ICT is indispensable in the Education Process

It is alarming that in 2017, some schools are still reluctant to fully make use of the opportunities provided by information technology. Agreed, quite a number of schools are ICT non-compliant not necessarily because they so desire, but because they lack the resources to do so. Yet, there are schools that could afford […]

Teens! Here is every Reason why you should Try Solving some Puzzles Today

There is no doubt that most humans have a special liking for puzzles. Despite the fact it can be quite difficult to get around a times, we love to dabble around it still; solving it.  No doubt we like the way puzzles challenge our thinking while also helping us exercise our minds. Indeed […]

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Take note Teens: Tips for taking Care of your Nails

Right early on in life, we get told how very necessary it is for us to always keep our nails clean. And what better way to keep the nails clean than to trim them, right? Trimming the nails help to prevent dirt from getting collected in them, said dirt which is then unknowing […]

 Info from JAMB: Steps for 2017 Registration and Application

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission to Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria for the 2017/2018 academic session. 

The period of sale/registration for UTME is from Monday 20th March to Wednesday 19th April 2017 while registration closes on Saturday 22nd April 2017.

For DIRECT ENTRY, the application will be on sale from Sunday 23 April, […]

2017 JAMB Update: Useful Information for all intending Applicants

Very soon, nearly 2 million hopeful candidates will start purchasing the 2017 JAMB forms with the hope of writing and passing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. The estimated number of candidates was disclosed by JAMB itself who over the years have organized the exam. Las year alone, about one million, five hundred […]

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