Siblings! You’ve got to love them! They can be the loveliest human beings ever, or the most difficult people you will ever have to deal with. To some people, their siblings are their best friends, their co-conspirators and confidants. With ease they get through the hassles of daily living just because they’ve got their siblings always looking out for them. You are the luckiest person in the world if you have one of such siblings. But unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky.  To some people, living with their brothers and sisters is nothing but torture. Every single day is characterized by troubles, disagreements and fights. It can be such a headache; trust me. So do you have any siblings? What kind of siblings do you have? Below, I have compiled a list of the different types of siblings anyone could possibly have. Enjoy.


THE BESTIES: These types of siblings have such lovely personalities you can hardly survive a single day without them. They are so sweet and caring…you can’t but love them. They seem to understand you more than everybody else. And most importantly, they can defend you anywhere and anytime, sometimes even fighting your parents just so you can have your way. Trust me, everyone desires to have these types of humans in their lives, siblings who can put your own interests above theirs and with whom you can be best of friends. The sad thing though is that such siblings are very scarce so you are damn lucky if you have one!

THE LAST BORNS: We can all agree that the youngest siblings can both be the cutest and the most annoying. It’s amazing how they can make you instantly go from cherishing the floors they match on to hating their shadows. The youngest siblings are usually protected by the parents and given special privileges and this alone can make anybody hate them; nobody likes it when a particular sibling gets all the attention. Consequently, inasmuch as the youngest siblings are cute, adorable and all, you sometimes really hate them. But really, can you help it?!


THE ELDERLY SIBLINGS (AKA SECOND MUMMIES): You are in for some headache if your eldest sibling is the no nonsense type. It’s even worse so if she is female because she will literarily try to become your second mummy. She assigns you to your chores and supervises you all the while until you are done. There is no breathing space with those ones. My Gawd; they are like the police! Like geez! You will be like “let me breathe, please!” and they will be like “I am older than you”.  I mean…you cannot even enter their room anyhow, can’t touch their phones and most not talk to them anyhow. They will discuss you with their friends as though you are a case study and yet you are not even allowed to tell someone they are your elder siblings.  Some of them become worse the moment they get into the university. And whenever there have breaks and return home, they are always in their rooms reading fat books. You can’t even talk to them. Nawaooo!

THE GOOD EXAMPLE TYPE: These ones are never wrong for anything. They are just perfect in all their ways! While this is good for them and all, you will have the biggest problem when your parents constantly compare you to them. Because of them, mummy and daddy will always ask you “can’t you see Tunde; he makes straight ‘As’ but you…you make straight F9s”. They can unknowingly make your whole life so miserable. And may the Lord be with you if they are younger than you!

African American sister and brother playing video games

THE COMPETITOR: These ones will always compete with you. They want to outdo you all the time just as much as you want to outdo them. So you will disagree all the time and fight, especially when s/he wears your clothes without your permission. But the truth is that you may even think you hate them until the day you get separated for one reason or the other. That day you will MISS them.

THE LIAR: Here is the basic truth- if you have this type of sibling you are in trouble! They can lie for Africa and pretend to be angels from above.  The unfortunate thing is that they are the ones your parents believe more. They will do all sorts of unmentionable things, shift the blame to you and everyone will believe it. The only ways to manage this sort of sibling is to convince your daddy to either send them to the village to stay with grandma, or enroll them at the farthest boarding school.

The list continues but because of time I have to stop here. The pertinent question though is- what type of sibling are you? You better be the bestie type! Lolz!