First things first, not drinking definitely doesn’t make you uncool. In fact, sticking to what you believe in, even though it’s different from what everyone else is doing makes you super cool.

What if you are being pressured? You shouldn’t let the pressure bother you. That being said, dealing with peer pressure can definitely be pretty tough, but what you have to keep in mind is that just because your friends are drinking and getting drunk doesn’t mean you have to be doing the same.

You should never force yourself to do something just because your friends want you to do it – that will never make you happy. Further, faking something just for approval is never the way to fit in. If people are going to judge you just because you are not gulping down a bottle of baba dudu or papando, then those people aren’t your real friends.

Real friends will accept you for who you are – even if they have differing opinions -, and they won’t force you into doing things you are not comfortable with. Ignore the people who act that way, and instead be proud of yourself for not giving in.

The truth is that you can absolutely have a good time without drinking alcohol. Don’t feel like you can’t go to a party or hang with your friends just because you are going to stay sober. As long as you relax, you can still have fun without worrying about getting in trouble or doing anything you will regret – not to mention you will be the only one waking up not feeling terrible due to a hangover.

In the end, just stick to your beliefs. If someone asks why you don’t drink, simply say you are not into it, or feel free to ignore them all together. If someone is really bothering you about it, stop hanging around them – they are not worth your time. In the end, doing what you want will make you much happier.

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