Characteristics of passionate Teens

Passion is one thing that pushes humans towards accomplishing incredible feats. Just a quick look at the lives of some successful people would reveal that they are very passionate. Now I do understand that passion can also make people do stupid and unreasonable things. But for the purpose of this article, I am […]

Teens! Do you know the basic Rules for using Public Library?

Schools are meant to have libraries, although I must admit that there are some secondary in Nigeria without classrooms much less a library. So congratulations if your school has its own library. I hope you are making the most of it. And most importantly, I hope you know the basic rules guiding the […]

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Basic Nutrition Facts for Teens: What you should be eating

The key to achieving overall good health and growth for teens is through constant intake of a balanced and healthy diet. Unfortunately, many young people resent certain kinds of food while preferring the other. They particularly hate vegetables and beans, and could eat junks for the rest of their lives! But the side […]

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Why do Teens like taking Risks?

It is a regular occurrence for teens to indulge in risky behaviour. It’s called testing the boundaries, living the prime life and getting to discover life on your own terms. The average teen must have taken at least one major risk before the age of nineteen. And interesting, these behaviours, no matter how […]

The Three unfortunate Ways that Poverty affects Teens

In places like Nigeria where millions of human beings live on less than one dollar per day, many teenagers are caught in the web of abject poverty. They are unable to help themselves, subjected to the undesirable conditions of life no one would ever desire- denial, want and shame. While many of […]

Father-Son Relationship: Important Lessons every Father must teach their Sons

Boys look up to their fathers a lot to teach them about life, how to be successful, how to treat women and how to raise good families amongst other things. Most of these they learn by simply observing their old men, which explains why boys with good fathers typically grow up to become […]

How Self-Discipline can help Teens become responsible Adults

Self-discipline is the ability to discipline one’s self to be able to control feelings. In other words, it is the willpower to persevere, resist and endure. The ability to think through your every course of action, set realistic goals and achieve them in spite of challenges and inconveniences. People who are self-disciplined are […]

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Realistic Tips for effective teen mentoring

When it comes to mentoring teenagers and helping to mold and remold their minds so that they may become the best they could ever be, parents and teachers have crucial roles to play. There is therefore the need for them to come to this realization and live up to the expectation. Also it […]

Why can’t Teenagers survive without Friends?

Has it ever crossed your mind that most teenagers can barely handle life without  friends? For them, friendship is everything. And this explains why most teens would rather  spend their time hanging out with friends than with their siblings and much less with their parents. But why really is this the case? Let’s […]

Important Facts about Teenagehood every Parent should know

Would it be wise to assume that there are quite a number of things about teenagehood which parents do not know? After all, they were once teenagers themselves, right? Moreover, they gave birth to the teenagers and should automatically know everything about them…or not. There are certain facts about teenagehood that parents (at […]

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