A Look at some of the Reasons Teenagers Like Taking Risks

As you may well know, taking risks is a normal thing for most teenagers. For them, it’s like testing the boundaries and living the prime life; it is their own way of  discovering life on their own terms. Indeed, the average teen takes at least one major risk before outgrowing teenagehood. Interestingly, no […]

Library 101: Introduction to some of the basic Rules to effective Library Use

Ideally speaking, every student’s favourite place should be the library. However, I must admit that this is usually not the case. That not withstanding, there are quite a number of students make out time to visit the library on a daily. This is a good thing, even though not all of them are […]

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Financial Literacy: Useful Money Concepts for Teens

Financially literacy is undoubtedly necessary for overall success in life.  It in in this light that  it is important for teenagers learn about financial skills and actually use such skills. Parents must endeavour to teach their children these skills, while teachers reinforce the knowledge by incorporating financial literacy in their classroom talks. In […]

Opinion: The art of failing and failing better

I grew up in a close-knit family of eight in Ilaje-Bariga, here in Lagos. My father sold spare parts of motorcycles at Lagos Trade Fair. My mother sold clothes along the Yaba railway. She began clothes-selling business years after saving money from the soft drinks she sold in front of our rented home. […]

Opinion: “Social Injustices in Nigerian Secondary Schools and Implications for Education Reform”

Whenever intense discussions about reforming Nigeria’s education system emerges in the public square or policy corridors, they are usually triggered by the release of yet another (!) poor WAEC/Jamb exam results. If you think further, you will see that these discussions are perpetually led by adults and fueled by their ‘21st century’ economic […]

Police arrests Ten Students in Lagos for Hooliganism

Ten teenagers aged between the ages of twelve and sixteen were today March 15th, 2017 arrested in Lagos for causing public havoc; no thanks to their gangster ways. Several news reports indicate that the arrested teens are students of Apapa High School, Randle Junior School and United Christian Secondary School all in different […]

Important Reasons why Teenagers should be encouraged to start coding

Not too long ago, the Co-Creation Hub in Lagos came up with an initiative targeted at young people (teenagers to be specific), with the aim of teaching them basic software engineering skills. This is something unheard of in this part of the world; something that would have been thought impossible just a few […]

Students make frantic Efforts to register for the Cowbellpedia qualifying Exam

Ahead of the 2017 Cowbellpedia TV Quiz Show’s qualifying exam to be written on Saturday March 11th, several students/teachers are making last minute frantic efforts to register via the competition’s online registration portal. Recall that we announced the commencement of this year’s registration process earlier in the year; HERE. But as it turns out, […]

Teens! Here are Tips on how to take care of your Phones

These days, we live most of lives on our phones. Those devices are almost like second nature to us; we can’t just afford to live without them! And this is not even a bad thing; unlike popular opinion. Phones make our lives easier, because not only do they offer us various means of […]

Characteristics of passionate Teens

Passion is one thing that pushes humans towards accomplishing incredible feats. Just a quick look at the lives of some successful people would reveal that they are very passionate. Now I do understand that passion can also make people do stupid and unreasonable things. But for the purpose of this article, I am […]

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