To all hopeful 2017 JAMBITES: Exam Forms will be sold soon!

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) yesterday said it will soon begin the sale of application forms for this year’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Its Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, said an estimated 1.7 million candidates are expected to register and sit for the Computer-Based Test(CBT). He added that the board […]

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The real Difference between Teens who perform well in Maths and those who fail it

Some students believe they are not just cut out to be Mathematical geniuses. They believe that they do not have what it takes to be able to solve those equations; because it is not in their genes. They proudly tell you “I’m just not a maths person” just as they also tell you […]

Characteristics of passionate Teens

Passion is one thing that pushes humans towards accomplishing incredible feats. Just a quick look at the lives of some successful people would reveal that they are very passionate. Now I do understand that passion can also make people do stupid and unreasonable things. But for the purpose of this article, I am […]

How best can Teachers and Parents Get Students to actually love Maths?

As I have pointed out more than once on this platform, Mathematics is the most hated subject in schools. First of all it is abstract and therefore difficult to comprehend, especially when you have not quite opened your mind to understanding it. Moreover, most students constantly wonder why they even need to bother […]

Do you study hard but still fail? Let’s fix that!

There are so many students who spend the right amount of time studying every day for their exams and still fail. These students do all the necessary things- plotting their timetables, sticking to such and doing all their assignments and homework. Yet they fail to perform well in exam. This makes you wonder- […]

Teens! Do you know the basic Rules for using Public Library?

Schools are meant to have libraries, although I must admit that there are some secondary in Nigeria without classrooms much less a library. So congratulations if your school has its own library. I hope you are making the most of it. And most importantly, I hope you know the basic rules guiding the […]

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How best should Parents help Teens deal with Angst and such related Issues?

Angst is a type of feeling peculiar to teenagers whereby they constantly feel deep anxiety about nothing in particular or everything in general. In other words, teenage angst can either be as a result of identifiable issues such as bullying, academic stress, Peer Pressure and the need to belong or other issues […]

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Are you preparing for this Year’s JAMB, WAEC/NECO or Junior WAEC? Then pay attention to this!

Preparing for any sort of examination can be stressful. There is the stress of having a lot of books to read, and then the worry that perhaps you are not even focusing on the right topics that will most likely come out in the exams. On top of it all, you fear the […]

Why do Teens like taking Risks?

It is a regular occurrence for teens to indulge in risky behaviour. It’s called testing the boundaries, living the prime life and getting to discover life on your own terms. The average teen must have taken at least one major risk before the age of nineteen. And interesting, these behaviours, no matter how […]

The different types of Classmates most Teens have

Any teenager who has ever had difficult classmates knows exactly the headache that can be! It could almost as though some of these difficult mates were designed just to constantly get on your nerves. And what is worse is the fact that you will have to face them every single day, tolerating their […]

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