Teaching Entrepreneurship in Nigerian Secondary Schools is inevitable [SEE]

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This morning, I read about how the Nigerian Educational and Research Development Council (NERDC) collaborated with the United National Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) have launched an entrepreneurship curriculum to be used for teaching senior secondary school students. The first thing that came to my mind is that this initiative couldn't have come at a better [...]

Financial mistakes every Teen must avoid making


Let me be brief with this by going straight to the point to enumerate the financial mistakes every teen must learn to avoid. Please be money-wise. Avoid these- 1. NOT ENSURING TO BECOME FINANCIALLY LITERATE 2. FORGETTING TO BUDGET 3. FAILURE SAVING AN EMERGENCY FUND 4. BUYING NEW THINGS ALL THE TIME 5. RELYING ON [...]

Different types of Occupation: What every Teen should know

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The word “occupation” has several meanings, one of which is a person’s livelihood; that regular activity which a person performs for pay. There are several types of occupation in the world today; too numerous to even mention. And the simple truth is that in order to be successful in life, everyone must be successfully engaged [...]

Some necessary Skills every aspiring Teen Entrepreneur must acquire

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In my last post on entrepreneurship, I discussed some of the basic things every aspiring entrepreneur must know. And for this post, I shall be following up on the previous post by highlighting some of the necessary skills every aspiring teenage entrepreneur must acquire and use. The points I will make below are straight forward; [...]

Entrepreneurship 101: The basic Things every Teen should know

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There is a pressing need to encourage teenagers to embrace entrepreneurship, especially now.  This is the viewpoint that is held by so many people and for good reasons too. After all, all of the multinational companies we have today were once startups, founded by people with zeal and burning entrepreneurial spirits who wanted to do [...]

Some important Financial Advice Parents must give their Teens

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In a world where even teenagers can become millionaires and successfully manage their financial resources if they so please, there are no justifiable reasons why parents should not teach their teens to become money wise. Therefore, teaching teens financial literacy is something that should start early in every teen’s life, made possible by their parents [...]

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