We’ve all heard about veteran educators who have been teaching the same way for years and are reluctant to integrate technology into their practice. Why should they? It’s scary to try something new, especially in front of a class of kids who seem to already be tech experts.

 Here are four ways to make adapting to Edtech easier for the teacher:

1. Bring the learning to the teacher.

Instead of asking the teachers to come to a professional development session and then expect them to implement a tech lesson alone in the classroom, go to their turf. Walk the teacher and the class through the lesson together. Some teachers will be more willing to plunge in if you hold their hand a little bit. Plus, the students will be able to help each other – and the teacher – after you leave.

2. Focus on how their lives will be easier.

Everyone hates the photocopier. It’s always breaking down or needs more paper. Point out that if the teacher goes paperless, they will not have to fight the copier anymore. Point out that they won’t need to copy out notes as much as they used to. Stress how adding technology brings value to their practice and makes their lives easier.

3. Remind teachers it’s OK not to know something.

Technology iterates so quickly, even the tech experts don’t know everything. It’s helpful for teachers to remember that fact. Teaching is a profession is also dynamic, they should be opened to learning and unlearning techniques and tools that will be of immense help to them.

4. Allow the teachers time to adapt.

There are some teachers who will be able to catch on to the technology faster than others, those who do not catch should not be left behind but rather be given ample time to work on it personally and provide the necessary assistance to them.