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Girl Talk: 8 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You – Even If It Doesn’t Seem Like It

Shy guys are pretty hard to figure out, unsurprisingly. They’re shy, so they’re probably also kind of quiet and awkward… not just around you, but around everyone. So how are you supposed to know if that kind of guy likes you and is just too shy to say anything, or if he’s not interested at all? Things can get confusing fast.

It’s just more difficult, because a shy guy isn’t going to tell you how beautiful you look, or just approach you and ask you to go out on a date. So… is he really shy, or just not interested? Here are 8 signs a shy guy likes you (even if it doesn’t seem like it).

You Catch Him Looking At You, Then Looking Away

I know this is a sign, because I used to do it all the time myself. If you have repeatedly noticed the dude staring at you, then immediately looking away when you look at him, this could definitely mean that he likes you. Especially if he acts super weird afterwards, by which I mean avoiding your gaze entirely, walking away, or acting like you don’t exist. That probably means he’s super embarrassed that you caught him looking at you and doesn’t know how to deal… other than avoiding you. If it happens a lot, it’s a good sign that he’s staring at you for a reason.

He’ll Text and Message You, But Won’t Talk in Person

This is another telltale sign. A lot of shy guys (or shy people in general) just don’t feel comfortable talking face-to-face. It’s much easier for them to talk through a screen, like through Facebook messaging or texting. If a shy guy likes you, but is too nervous to approach you in person, he’ll likely message you online or text you. He’ll probably have full conversations with you because it’s so much easier for him to show his personality this way. Don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t chat in person – he’s likely working up the nerve to do that, but it may take a while. Let’s put it this way: he’s not just talking to you online for hours for no reason.

He Hangs Around You, Even If He Doesn’t Initiate Conversation

If he pops up everywhere you are, or always sits near you in class, but doesn’t speak to you, it could mean that he’s too shy to make the first move, so he’s hoping you will. He’s purposely putting himself in situations where you can talk to him so he doesn’t have to do it. Try starting a conversation and see what happens.

He’s Different Around You

Pay attention to how he acts around his friends versus how he acts around you. If he seems talkative around his friends, but nervous and quiet around you, it could mean that he likes you and just doesn’t know how to act.

He Seems Intimidated By You

A shy guy will most likely be intimidated by you, and that might make them afraid to approach you or talk to you. You can get a vibe of when someone is intimidated by you, so pay attention to his body language, and again, notice how he is with other people. It doesn’t ALWAYS mean he’s into you, but usually a guy isn’t nervous around a girl he’s not at least a little interested in.

His Friends Tease Him When You’re Around

Dudes are always giving each other crap for something or other, especially if they know their friend likes a girl. Pay attention to how his buddies act when you show up. Do they make little comments about the two of you? Do they tease him? Do they walk away when you get there to give you two alone time? It’s possible that they’re trying to push him towards you in their own way.

He Seems Annoyed When You Talk About Other Guys

If this shy guy in question is your friend, pay attention to how he reacts when you talk about other guys to him. Does it seem like he always has a problem with another guy you’re discussing, even if there’s really no reasoning behind it? That could be because he’s jealous. If a guy is just your friend, he honestly will not care what you do or say about other dudes. Related articles: How Do You Know IF You Can Trust A Guy

He Does Random Little Things For You

Don’t expect a big romantic gesture from a shy guy, but focus on the little things. Does he remember stuff you’ve said before, even things that you barely remember? Does he offer you things, like pieces of gum or food he’s not eating? He could be trying to start conversation. Does he try to help you in the classes you have together? Stuff like that. Guys don’t just do stuff for girls they’re not interested in.

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