Perhaps there is this person that’s somewhat getting unnecessarily close but you realised you’d be better off just being friends. For the girls, maybe a guy has a crush on you, and you’re just not into him. How are you supposed to tell them you don’t like them like that?

It’s tough to reject someone because you never want to hurt someone’s feelings. I mean, think about how sucky it is when you’ve got rejected. You don’t want to make another person feel that way! But you also don’t want to lead someone on if they like you, so you have to tell them that you’re not interested.

Here are some ways you can tell someone you’re not into him/her like that:

Be Honest: This is the best thing you can (and should!) do. Be honest with this person and tell him you’re just not into him. Let him know you’re flattered, but you’re not interested in being anything more than friends.

Explain: A simple “I just don’t like you” might not be enough for some guys. Whatever the reasons, explain them, whether you value your friendship too much or you like someone else.

Don’t Make Up Excuses: If this guy keeps asking you to hang with him, don’t lie to get out of it. If he likes you, he’s probably going to keep finding ways to ask you out regardless of your excuses. Plus, if you lie and he spots you out somewhere, it’s going to hurt his feelings.

Be Nice: Don’t disgrace this guy in the process of rejecting him because that’s going to hurt him even more. There’s no need to be mean or rude just because you don’t like this person.

Don’t Keep Going Out: If you know right away that you’re not into someone, whether you went on one date or he’s your friend, don’t keep going out with him. If you do, then you’re leading him on, and that is not fair.

Don’t Flirt: If you don’t like someone, don’t be flirtatious with them. There’s a difference between being nice and being flirty. It’s not fair to lead that person on by flirting with them and making them think they’ve still got a shot.

Don’t Respond: If none of the above work and this guy is still pushing you to hang out or be with him, stop responding. I know it sounds really harsh, but if someone’s making you uncomfortable then you don’t need to fuel the fire.