I don’t know when am coming back
I’ll be gone for a little while
but I will keep myself for me and you
I’ll be back for you
I don’t know what the future brings
but I want you to be with me

I go dey hope and pray say make you wait for me
cos I’ll come back for you…

Do those lines above read familiar to what you have probably written for someone in the past? Most possibly right! Teenagers’ emotions are known to surge. Anybody who has ever been a teenager knows how it feels to have a crush on someone and then try to get such a person’s attention by all means. It doesn’t matter whether you accomplish that by writing several love notes/poems/letters which are often slipped inside your crush’s locker…as long as the information gets passed across to the “crush” then it’s all good.. Sometimes it works out, other times it doesn’t. In any case, the emotions keep surging and teenagehood couldn’t be more fun!

Johnny Drille, the one time MTN Project Fame contestant who recently got signed by Mavin Records, had me reminiscing about my secondary school years after I watched the music video for his song  Wait for me. The video begins with him admiring a girl from afar. He apparently had been admiring the girl for a while, but is either too scared or undecided to approach her. All the same he know her well enough to know where she stays. And so the video begins with him close by to her house, watching her as she carries some luggage towards the porch of her father’s house. But she trips and fails down, and instantly, Johnny uses the opportunity to sweep in like a charming prince to save his lady in distress…

A budding romance begins between the two following the awkward introduction, and everyday Johnny would come by the house to check on the girl even as they would then go about and play in the field nearby. The girl’s father likes, and at this point you begin to see an unusual pattern; because a typical Nigerian father would cut off your legs if you come to his house to woo his daughter…just saying. Anyway, it is all good until Johnny  has to go off to military school to begin his military training. His girlfriend is saddened and doesn’t want to let go of him at the bus station as he is about to begin his journey. But he eventually leaves. And their separation is made less unbearable by constant correspondence by mail. But suddenly the girl stops responding to Johnny’s letters. And this point you would think she has forgotten about him and moved on. It turns out that she is in fact very ill. And before Johnny would return back to be with her, she has passed away. Sad right? Oya collect tissues…

Most teenage love affairs hardly last forever. They are very sweet and electrifying in the beginning, abut typically always end as fast as they start. These sad endings are often not caused by death as portrayed in this music video by the way. It may just be separation by distance or one of the two parties involved just outgrows the other. So what I am trying to say? Teenage romance can be frustrating! Therefore, instead of always trying to invest so much of your time and energy into it, look ahead at the future and the ample   opportunity you would have for romance then. And while at that, use the present time to lay the right foundation, building yourself so that you may become  the best version of yourself in preparation for that time in the future when the right person has come along for you.

Peace and love, teens!