While I occasionally run into people who are bothered by the smell of their own farts (or at least they act like it to give off a certain impression), for the most part none of us tend to mind the smell of our own “brand,” so to speak. We could sit around ripping ass until the cows come home, laughing all the way at the smells and sounds that accompany a nice fart session. Even if we let loose a particularly nasty cloud, the familiar smell of our fart elicits nothing more than laughter and a sense of mild pride in our anal accomplishment.

If someone else unleashes hell from within, we react negatively the second the stench hits our nostrils. As soon as the scent of someone else’s fart mist registers in our brains, we flip out. Feelings of resentment, disgust, and confusion overtake us as we fight to escape the expanding cloud. We lash out at whoever farted, sometimes resorting to physical violence if the smell is overwhelming. If we don’t know for sure who is responsible for the chemical warfare, the witch hunt begins. We question each suspect as if they are on trial for war crimes, such is the shame and seriousness that accompany an unexpectedly rancid fart from anyone other than ourselves.

Basically, when we fart it’s funny. When someone else farts it’s an insult and a personal encroachment on your very well-being. What gives?

Either way, we’re smelling shit particles. Why does someone else’s shit smell worse than our own shit? Do we all literally think that our shit doesn’t stink? Is it just a matter of being used to the smell of your own brown as compared to the shockingly new stench that other people produce?