The first time Nedum set eyes on Ginika, he felt the power of attraction. She was a total stranger, yet deep down within him he felt an instant click; that romantic feeling that just overwhelms you when you find the one! It was more easily felt than expressed because it all happened so unexpectedly when they both [...]


The day he proposed was the most magical day of her life. She never for once thought any man could love her let alone wish to marry her. But that was the story of Nneoma’s unlikely romance with Nnamdi; a city boy sprung by the beauty of a small town, uneducated girl. It was almost [...]

Can a Boy and Girl Just Be Friends?

Yes, a girl and a boy can be just friends. This only works though, if both parties don't feel an attraction for each other. If each feels a sibling kind of relationship - as between a brother and sister - then, the thought of being more than just friends is usually not appealing. However, if one [...]

SLANG: What Does It Mean To ‘Ghost’ Someone? 6 Sure Ways To Know

If you are a Millenial (born between 1980 and 2000), or a Generation Z (born after 2000), you would agree that trending slang come up faster than you can retain. Also, if you don't catch up fast, you'll be left behind and your peers will wonder whether you've been on some deserted island since, well, [...]

What Does It Mean To DATE SAFELY? These 7 Tips Tell You Just How

You may have decided that you are far too young to be dating, this is just fine, you are doing well! But eventually you will, how then will you know if what you have is safe and healthy? Perhaps, you have a friend or relative who is already in the dating pool, how may you [...]

Girls! Different Ways To Decline A Love Overture Without Being Rude

  Girls, this talk is for you! I know I’m not a girl, but believe me when I tell you that the points I’m about to present here are as valid as they come. Chum! So moving on,  i will be discussing ways to politely decline a love overture without necessarily being rude to them [...]

Why Teenage Years Are As Difficult As They Are Fun

A friend of mine once recounted her experience when she first told her parents she was going to become a Professional Teenage Counselor. Her parents were worried because you see, my friend is very gentle, soft-spoken and hardly up for troubles. Teenagers on the other hand generally come with a lot of troubles. So her [...]

The Love Story That Lasted Forever

Many years ago, a boy named Joshua lived in a small town. He was a teen quickly becoming a young man. And by the age of nineteen, he was already a Secondary School senior, a big boy in school and one of the few boys wore sandals. Joshua was making preparations to write the mock [...]

Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Many of us are in relationships and we really don't know what to do in order to keep our relationships thriving. Some of us are having difficulties and we don't know how to deal with them. At the end of the day, instead of trying to work out the differences in our relationships, we throw [...]

Science Explains Why Your Heart Beats Faster When You See Your Crush

It's the third period, which means time for Chemistry. You pack up your books and head over to the Chemisty lab for lessons in Stoichiometry. But before acids will be mixed with bases; before the average titre value, and the number of moles of salt formed is calculated; something even more chemical happens to you.  [...]

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