A Grandfather’s Last Words

Jacob Portman was just a boy when his grandfather began telling him stories about a special orphanage where he once lived. The orphanage was for children who had peculiar gifts, and was run by a certain mistress named Miss Peregrine. But as Jacob grew older, he began to have doubts about the reality of his grandfather’s stories until one unfortunate day when he received a distressing call from his grandfather.

Arriving at his grandfather’s house, he found a monster lurking about the place – a creature that was invisible to everyone else but him! This monster had hurt Abraham, Jacob’s grandfather; but before taking his last breath, he instructed Jacob to “find the bird in the loop on the other side of the old man’s grave on September 1940”.

Clueless as to what this meant, Jacob told the police and his parents about the monster he saw but they do not believe him. Thinking he’s depressed from losing his grandfather, they choose instead to send him to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Golan, who suggests that Jacob visit the orphanage from his grandfather’s stories in a bid to settle the matter once and for all.

Jacob Meets The Peculiars

peculiar children

                                                                   L-R: Olive, Bronwyn, Millard Nillings, the twins and Emma

Jacob arrives at the orphanage and initially finds it deserted; but during another search of the orphanage, he sees a mysterious girl whom he follows in a bid to get answers. But a series of events happen that sees Jacob being chased by a mob and captured by the very girl he has been following – whose name we come to know as Emma Bloom – and an invisible boy named Millard Nillings. The three drive away the angry mob and escape to Miss Peregrine’s orphanage – the same one of his grandfather’s stories!

Here, he meets other children with peculiarities, such ones like Bronwyn, who has amazing strength and Claire Densmore, who has a mouth at the back of her head, and of course, the popular Miss Peregrine who has the ability to make the same day go on forever – called a time loop.

Miss Peregrine explains that Jacob and his grandfather are both peculiar, their ability being to see and stop Hollowgasts (the monstrous creature Jacob saw and had killed his grandfather). But Hollowgasts are not the only enemies of Peculiars, the Wights are also a threat to them and will stop at nothing to eliminate them all.

Dr Golan’s True Identity Revealed!

Enoch is another peculiar who has the power to use hearts from other creatures to give life to things for a short time. This he did for a man named Martin (whom it was supposed had been killed by a Hollowgast), but who upon questioning revealed that he had been murdered by a Wight, and who turned out to be none other than the psychiatrist, Dr Golan!

With this revelation becoming evident, Jacob decides to stay in this time loop with his friends, and upon escaping Dr Golan, made their way back to the orphanage only to  discover that Miss Peregrine had been kidnapped by Dr. Golan who threatened to kill her if they ever attempt a rescue.

Help For Miss Peregrine

Jacob and his companions go in search of Miss Peregrine nonetheless and find Dr Golan near a lighthouse, but things are not quite as they expected. Miss Peregrine and Miss Avocet (who escaped to Miss Peregrine’s time loop because the Hollowgasts invaded hers) have been turned into birds and imprisoned in a cage.

Jacob and Emma follow Dr. Golan, who they succeed in putting in a corner, but not before Millard gets shot and the cage containing Miss Peregrine and Miss Avocet gets thrown into the water. But Dr. Golan does not escape without getting shot in the throat by Jacob, and falling into the darkness. With Dr. Golan now out of the way, Jacob and Emma follow the bird cage to the sea, succeed in rescuing Miss Peregrine and bringing her back to shore, while Miss Avocet is captured by the Wights and taken away.

Returning to the orphanage, they find it destroyed. And what’s more? Now, they have to figure out how to help Miss Peregrine (who is still trapped in a bird’s form) and track down the Wights to rescue Miss Avocet from them.

But knowing that the Wights are hellbent on destroying the Peculiars, who will succeed in eliminating who? Will Jacob and his friends be able to get Miss Peregrine and Miss Avocet the help they desperately need? And will Jacob find it possible to fulfill his grandfather’s dying wish?