In my last post on entrepreneurship, I discussed some of the basic things every aspiring entrepreneur must know. And for this post, I shall be following up on the previous post by highlighting some of the necessary skills every aspiring teenage entrepreneur must acquire and use. The points I will make below are straight forward; very simple. Therefore, it is important that you grasp and use them.

1.It is important for every aspiring entrepreneur to know how to sell anything. This is because as an entrepreneur, your success is dependent on your ability to convince people to buy into the efficacy of your business plan and product. In other words, you are going to have to sell your business idea to a lot of people, first to the sponsors, and then the end users. Mind you, selling is not as easy as it sounds. It is an art that requires tact, strategic thinking and the ability to be persuasive. Therefore, ensure to learn how to do it.

2.You must acquire good management and planning skills. The whole essence of entrepreneurship is the ability to plan and manage in order to execute or accomplish a goal- selling a service/product to people. In order words, there is simply no way anybody can succeed as an entrepreneur if he or she doesn’t know how to plan, manages resources and execute projects. Learn those.

`3.Any aspiring entrepreneur must acquire effective communication skills. By now, you should have noticed how indispensable communication skills are. We emphasize on it because truly, there are important. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to write proposals and proposal letters, communicating with your partners and other stakeholders. Your inability to that may require that you hire someone else who can. And that will not only add to your expenses as an emerging entrepreneur, but will also deny you the opportunity of personally communicating the very vision behind the business idea.

4.Aspiring entrepreneurs must confident and courageous. Mind you, you will be threading in completely unfamiliar terrain or even one where competition is replete. As such, you will need confidence and courage to survive. Moreover, you must be confident when you talk about the benefits of product or service. Your partners will want to see how confident you are when you tell them why they need to partner with you. Moreover, the customers you are targeting also need to see confidence in you. Therefore, be confident.

5.Finally, be open to learning new things through research and discoveries.  The secret to successful entrepreneurship is the ability to continually research and develop.

All the best!