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Photos: Kenyan Manchester United obsessed groom wears jersey to his wedding… but the bride seems angry with the idea


It is the old dilemma: what do you do when there’s a big football match on but you’ve been invited to a wedding at the same time? Sneak a radio into the service to keep up with the action, or behave with dignity and enjoy the couple’s big day?

Were you invited to this Kenyan couple’s wedding, however, one suspects you would not have to make the tricky decision.

The bride and groom decided to theme their wedding around Manchester United, with everything from their clothes to the wedding cake featuring Red Devils branding.


Rear window: The back of the car was also draped in a large flag featuring United’s club badge

As revealed by Africa Gossip News, the groom wore a United replica kit for the nuptials, and while his bride looks rather unamused at his choice in one wedding photo, a quick glance an another photo reveals the couple are United in their support.

While the bride is wearing a traditional white dress, she can also be seen with a red flower in her hair and so sports the club’s colours. Just for good measure the groom has ‘just married’ printed on the back of his kit.


Sponsors will be pleased: The Kenya couple had their cake decorated with red icing and a Chevrolet logo

The cake is decorated with red icing plus several Chevrolet logos in a nod to the club’s home kit for the 2013-14 season.

The wedding car appears to be one part of the wedding that escapes the United treatment, but a closer look at the silver Mercedes shows that it is also decorated with red and white flowers. There is also a large United flag draped over the rear window.


Driving pass: The wedding car looks like any other until you realise that the flowers are red and white

Let’s hope the marriage is a match made in heaven, like when Sir Alex Ferguson joined the club, and does not end in a quick divorce, such as when David Moyes took over last season.

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