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Centering Dialogue in the Classroom: It’s about WE, not ME!

Given the current political climate marked by an increase in school-based hate crimes, engaging students in authentic conversations related to the social, cultural or political—without fear of alienating those who hold different opinions and ultimately compromising curiosity, openness, and critical thinking—can seem like a near-impossible task. Further, educators often express a lack of pedagogical confidence to effectively [...]

How Videos Aid For Better Learning For Healthcare Providers

With a growing interest in technology sneaking into every area of our lives, it was only a matter of time before tech started showing up in our educational systems too. Today, schools everywhere are using technology to greatly enhance the learning experience and quality of their students and staff, and few fields might benefit from [...]

150 Best Happy Year Wishes for 2019, Inspirational Message, Romantic

The new year is fast upon us, and I want to share with you, the best Happy new year wishes to send to loved ones and family. These new year messages include the best Unique inspirational New Year wishes and greetings which will motivate your loved ones for a more creative and successful New Year. [...]

Habari, Nigeria’s Largest Platform for Music, Shopping, Lifestyle Content and More, Goes Live

Leading African financial institution, Guaranty Trust Bank plc, has announced the launch of Habari, Nigeria’s largest platform for music, shopping, lifestyle content and more. Unveiled on Friday, November 23, 2018 at a special event attended by renowned personalities in the entertainment, media and technology sectors, Habari offers users direct access to the largest catalogue of [...]

Gobsmacked! The Bed that Swallows and Protects You During an Earthquake!!

I was just as utterly surprised, and speechless when I came upon the article myself on technobuffalo.com. The article has these fantastic(!) things to say about the bed, and what you should expect in case of an earthquake ( you never can tell, Haiti is a pretty decent example of the possibility of the "most [...]

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Mavin’s Di’Ja Thrills At Coke Studio

Di'Ja is one of Coke Studio Africa’s new acts on season III. She describes her interaction with rapper Hernani da Silva (Mozambique), and producer Owuor Arunga (Kenya) on the mash-ups with for the Coke Studio Africa performances as music at its best, and its power in bringing together different people with a common interest. She [...]

Heart-warming moment deaf teen hears her dad’s voice for the first time (Video)

This is the heart-melting moment a 14-year-old girl hears her dad's voice for the very first time. Maggie Gleason was filmed as doctors at a hospital in Cleveland, US, turned on her hearing implant, which had been placed on the lower part of her brain during a 10-hour surgery. In the clip, the teenager can [...]

UGH! Watch the shocking moment a parasitic worm erupts from a spider’s body

From their hairy bodies to their rippling legs, spiders can strike terror into even the most seasoned nature lover. Now a new video showing a giant parasitic worm bursting from the body of a huge Australian arachnid may push arachnophobias over the edge. The disgusting spectacle was filmed by YouTube member BaskWith2 in Australia, who [...]

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