Check out photos from Tiwa Savage’s birthday

Happy Birrthday to Tiwa Savage. For more photos, click here                

Yemi Alade releases new video ft. Phyno

The 'Johnny' crooner, Yemi Alade, just released the video to her hit single 'Taking Over Me' which was produced by GospelOnDeBeatz, featuring rap artist Phyno. The video was shot in South Africa and Nigeria and was directed by Justin Campos and Taiye Aliyu. Watch.

16 Cool Apps To Help You Perfect Your Selfie

Taking a selfie is an art form. With front-facing phone cameras reaching saturation point, selfie devotees are having to go the extra mile to make their self-taken photos stand out from the crowd. In a quest for the perfect selfie, I tried every innovative app I could find, looking for that “wow” factor. Bright Camera The nonchalantly [...]

How Smart Is Your Teacher? Watch The Most Creative Teacher Ever!

How about this for a fun video? It's been around but worth putting back out there. It's a Proof that technology is great in education, and the teacher is what makes the technology really great.

Think Rush Hour Traffic in Lagos is bad? Try Commuting in Beijing (Video)

Hate getting to school in the morning 'cos of too many people in your personal space? Trust us, it could be worse — a lot worse. The cringe-inducing YouTube video shows the terror that is Beijing rush hour, proving your commute might not be so bad after all. Overcrowding in big cities isn't a new [...]

Watch remarkable moment baby Elephant fought off attack by 14 Lions who tried to eat him

This is the nail-biting moment an eight-year-old elephant manages to beat off a savage attack by 14 hungry lionesses. The near-three minute fight - captured on film by safari-goers in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia - shows the feisty herbivore surrounded by predators near a watering hole. As the lions viciously set about the [...]

Incredible Video: Daredevil teen lies under speeding train and lives to tell the tale

This is the death-defying moment an idiotic adrenaline junkie survives a train speeding over him. The footage shows the daring Italian teenager lie down on train tracks in Perugia, Italy, and goad a locomotive as it approaches. Seconds later the train seemingly whizzes over the top of him at high speed. Once the train has [...]

Caught On Video: Great White Sharks In Epic Fight

It's a shark-eat-shark world out there. A 16-foot-long great white shark was recently caught on video attacking another, smaller, great white in waters about 50 miles off the Australian shore, according to a clip posted on YouTube. "The larger animal survived the encounter but the smaller shark has not been sighted since," the description reads. [...]

Here’s What Might Happen If Everyone On Earth Suddenly Vanished (Video)

What would Earth be like if all humans suddenly disappeared? It's a creepy thought, for sure. And according to a new video from the YouTube series Earth Unplugged (see above), the end of humanity would spell the slow demise of manmade structures and cause cats and dogs to de-evolve into creatures more akin to their [...]

Meet Two Face, the adorable little lamb born with ‘two of everything!’ (Photos)

What do you call a sheep with two faces? That's the conundrum a Kiwi farming family has contended with since they discovered one of their ewes had given birth to a baby lamb with the unique deformity last Friday. 'I've tried to think of a name for it but it's so unique that nothing really [...]

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