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150 Best Happy Year Wishes for 2019, Inspirational Message, Romantic

The new year is fast upon us, and I want to share with you, the best Happy new year wishes to send to loved ones and family. These new year messages include the best Unique inspirational New Year wishes and greetings which will motivate your loved ones for a more creative and successful New Year. [...]

These Funny Jokes Will Leave You Laughing All Day

Okay just to be clear, these are not the funniest quotes there are; but then again they aren't the most boring.  In any case, I compiled these quotes just to put smiles [of relief] on you guys' faces. So smile and giggles even if these are the driest jokes you've ever heard. Oya enjoy it! [...]

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Teens, Behold The Beauty Of Sossuvlei!

Hello teens! I trust you're all eagerly waiting to know which spectacular landmark/place we will be looking at today. Well do not wait anymore because here now I present to you Sossusvlei; the beautiful Salt & Clay Pan located in Namibia, Southern Africa. What makes this place exceptionally beautiful is its topography- patches of marshy grounds surrounded [...]

10 Absolutely Fun and Interesting Places to Visit in Lagos

We all know that Lagos, being a fun, vibrant city leads the rest of the country in terms of the number of  places for fun activities one can engage in. In a previous post, our attention was on Abuja; but in this one, the focus is shifting to Lagos. And if you live in the [...]

Get To Know Some Of The World’s Biggest Rainforests

The world’s forests provide humanity with some of  the most important natural resources needed for survival and comfort. Examples include timber used for construction and furniture, animal products, useful herbs for medical experiments and so on. But beyond those, the forests also serve to moderate the earth’s temperature, checkmating greenhouse emissions and the other adverse [...]

8 Absolutely Fun and Interesting Places to Visit in Abuja

Do you live in Abuja? Perhaps you plan to visit during the holidays. Here's a guide to some of the "happening" places in the city, where you are sure to have some fun, and get "the party" going.  1. Millennium Park The Millennium Park is the largest public park in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. [...]

5 Ways Street-Smart Nigerian Students Save Money

Nigerian secondary school students are some of the most resourceful of their peers around the world. They have devised ingenious ways of saving money by applying some of these strategies: 1. They Walk AND WALK, AND WALK SOME MORE 2. They lap in Danfo buses 3. They take ONLY standing space in Molue buses, while [...]

Did You Know Animals Can Help Sick People Recover? See 6 Unusual Ones at Work

It is not unusual to have someone tell you about their pet dog, parrot, and by a really long stretch, cat. But what about horses, turkeys, pigs, or foxes?  Surprising and weird, right? But these animals are kept for a whole different reason than you think. These pets are therapy pets. But just what are [...]

The Boy Who Had a Worm Removed From His Eye

Bizarre as the title may seem, the photos are authentic. It was reported in an article entitled "Anterior Orbital Myiasis Caused by Human Botfly," published in the July 2000 edition of the Archives of Ophthalmology, a journal of the American Medical Association. What is Myiasis? Myiasis is the medical term for a maggot (fly larva) [...]

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