Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. That was the concept we ended with last week. The question now is, if this is true, how then do we ensure control over our most dominant thought? How do we ensure that we can choose our most dominant thought? How do we influence a particular dominant thought and make it ours?
I reckon that, if we can do something about getting a particular thought into our minds and making it dominant, we have won and can ensure our life moves to a logical conclusion. In simple English, if for me to end up rich, my dominant thought has to be wealth, that means if I can control my mind to think wealth dominantly, then I will end up rich. Or if I want to be president, I need to get the way to think dominant thoughts is to feed the mind with the thoughts you want it to be full of. There are a number of ways to fill our minds. One of the best ways is by reading books. You need to read in the direction of your dream and read wide too. Thinking is the hardest job on earth especially when you are thinking in a direction different direction from the situation around you. Feed your mind friends, you need to read. If you do not know the books to read, you can ask me and let me know what your interest is. I can help point you in certain directions.
Hidden in books are amazing secrets of life. The experiences of people are locked in books, there is so much treasure in there that we cannot place a price on it. Many times, we see that the experiences people have had for 30 years are condensed into a book of 100 pages. Experience is the best teacher, an expensive teacher… if you can learn from other people’s experiences, that will be best and you can access their experiences by books.
Set a target to least a book a month. It is said that for you to become an expert in any field, you must read the number of books corresponding to your age in that subject. So if you are 15 years old and you love news casting, you should have read at least 15 books on the subject of casting news.