‘When in doubt, always pout.’

This popular lip-compressing pose seems to be the governor of all things photographic nowadays as people, usually girls and sometimes boys, pout in all the social pictures they take.

I used to have a field day with pouting in photographs until one day when I realized that I looked like a strangled fish gasping for dear life. I have since reverted back to smiling.

I guess pouting isn’t all that bad because some people look good in pics when they pout, but before you go on a lip-compressing rampage when the camera is in front of you, carefully access whether it looks good on you or not.

There is a lot more then the face thing going on when you pout, besides the lip, the rest of you has to show it too, tilt your head down (maybe angle it too) and relax the shoulders and arms. A major spoiler is when you look like you just crapped in your pants and can smell it, when you compress your nose so much its almost touching your upper lip. It’s all about pursing the lips and not your eyes or nose.

Selena pout

To achieve the coveted “sparrow” look, open your eyes wide and part your mouth slightly, blowing through lightly.  Practice you pout frequently when taking photos with your girls or even in front of the mirror and it would come naturally with time; this would prevent your look from coming off as fake.


One important factor though, you should take care of your lips, as they are the feature you are proudly showing off. Moisturize you lips with the right products, cheap lip glosses are a danger factor so invest in lip balms, moisturizers or glosses that have vitamins to avoid chapped or dry lips.