A 61-year-old female teacher was stabbed to death in the neck and back by one of her students, a 15-year-old boy.

The suspect was reported to have committed the crime in front of other students at the Corpus Christi Catholic College, Leeds where the deceased, Mrs Ann Maguire taught Spanish and religious studies teacher.

The teacher who was left in a pool of blood was rushed to the hospital after the attack but did not survive the attack as she died in the hospital.

The late teacher who was loved by many has been described with so many sweet words like ‘The best teacher ever’ one student said.

Maguire who had taught generations and married with two kids is the first teacher ever to be killed by a pupil in a British school.

Meanwhile the 15-year-old accused who has been described as a ‘loner’ and had been depressed had bragged and warned other students about killing his teacher because “was giving him grief” but no one took him seriously.

After the attack, the 15-year-old was detained by teaching staff, with a knife found at his feet in the classroom and was later taken into custody in Leeds.

Meanwhile several children who saw the horrific attack were left traumatised.