In a chat with our reporter, Reekado said if not for his brother who submitted his demo to Donjazzy when the super producer asked artistes to submit demos, he would have quit music.

“Like I said it was like a miracle. He sent out something on the internet and said people should send him their demo singles. Luckily for me brother did send mine. He sent it he didn’t even tell me because at the time we were not in good terms and he sent it for me. Luckily my song was the only one picked out of the 5000.”

When asked why he wanted to quit, he explained “2 years ago I wanted to quit so I didn’t think I would be this big. It was tiring I was in school but I just felt let me get my 100% back into music but few month later I meet miracle,” he said.

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Speaking further, the graduate of University of Lagos added that: “I don’t know how it went but I think it’s was God’s grace and my hard work. So many people are hardworking and talented than I am but its God’s grace that just kept me going brought me here and will still take me higher.

“Everything wanted me to quit. It wasn’t even funny. It’s was like I was doing it for waste I don’t know how to explain it. It was so much frustration and hard time. I just thought it was right for me to face my studies and get a job later. It’s just God grace that made me to just forge ahead.”

On what to expect from him, the singer said he would release new song and a video before the year runs out.

“Video for my song sugar baby drop in about two three days as at now. Second week in December a new single drops by God grace it’s going to be a banger.”

Source: Naij