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She Wont Tell You Her Age? Find Out in Seconds Using Just Her Picture!

It’s a general saying that you should never ask a lady her age. But what is more, most people – girls and boys alike – conceal their real ages for reasons best known to them. But not anymore!

According to a recent report by CNN Tech, a computer algorithm developed by Microsoft can tell how old you look just by analysing your photo! The website created by Microsoft requires just the simple process of uploading a selfie, waiting a few seconds, and ka boom! – the machine gives you a number.

And since it can analyze anyone’s photo, you can compare yourself to your friends, family, and crushes (especially those whom you suspect have been giving you a fake age). But there’s a warning though, sometimes it’s accurate; and other times, it’s hilariously, outrageously wrong!

But guessing someone’s age is a dangerous game, even for a robot. That’s probably why the site comes with an apology at the end of each result that reads:

Sorry if we didn’t quite get the age and gender right

So, before you get your hopes up that now you will finally get the real age of Niniola, or Kareem; there are no guarantees.

The company unveiled the website at a conference in late April as part of a new initiative called Project Oxford. This, Microsoft says was developed as a face detection technology for tasks that includes sorting through a large photo collection.

Hence, the aim was not to suss out someone’s real age, or to prove what everyone has always been telling you: Gosh! you look so much younger than your age!! But since we are all humans, and like a little fun; using the technology for these ends simply wont hurt. Concur?

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