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Shocking: Teen cuts off his own hand in a bid to cure his addiction to the Internet

A Chinese teenager has been left in intensive care after trying to cure his internet addiction by cutting off his own hand.

The 19-year-old from Nantong, Jiangsu province used a kitchen knife to sever his left hand, local media reports.

The teen, known only by his last name Wang, had sneaked out of his family home to avoid alerting his parents, and chopped his hand off sitting on a public bench.

‘We cannot accept what has happened. It was completely out of the blue. He was a smart boy,’ his mother told reporters, according to The Telegraph.

Images of the bloodstained bench where the teenager allegedly performed the self-amputation was broadcast on local television

Doctors have been able to reattach the hand, but it is not known if the boy will regain full mobility.

In China, online addiction among young people has become a serious problem, with an estimated 24million children considered ‘web junkies’.

Research published in December last year found that 7.1 per cent of the population in Asia is addicted to the internet.

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  1. Naturalborn98@yahoo.Com

    Its Absurb, Hw Can A Human Being Cut Himself Becus He Is Addicted To One Thing Or The Other Wen What He Is Addicted Is Nt Sumting That Is Bad

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