Writing Skills:  Scanning

Scanning means reading very quickly through a text to find specific information. When you scan, you don’t read all the words on the page. You let your eye move over the page quickly to pick out the information you want.

Skills Focus: How Link words help us Scan.

In a well developed paragraph, each idea must be linked to the idea that comes before or after it. There are certain words or phrases in English that we can use to show these links. When we scan a text, spotting these links help us follow a writer’s thinking quickly and easily.

Here are some examples of link words:

1. To give a purpose or result: so, so that,  therefore.

2. By restarting a point: in other words

e.g. in other words, these manufacturers are not only selling cream but hope

3. To show a sequence or list

4. To give a reason: because, for this reason, why

e.g. I slapped him because he stole my sweet

5. To add information: another, other, also

He gave Tolu 500 naira and he also gave Teni too

6. To present a contrasting idea: but, however, though, on the other hand

e.g. He is friendly though he lacks manners.

7. To provide examples: for instance, for example.

Sometimes we find a link when a word in one paragraph is repeated in the next.

Link words are very important for scanning to be made possible…

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